The Archery Association of Tamil Nadu (TAAT)




"The official state body of Tamil Nadu Archery!"

Only State Archery body recognized by and affiliated to:

Tamil Nadu Olympic Association (TNOA) and Archery Association of India (AAI)
(TNOA is the only body recognized by Indian Olympic Association (IOA) and
AAI is the only body recognized by World Archery (WA))


We are available to all genuine Archers, Institutions, Archery lovers, Media and the Press 24x7! All 365 days of the year!

At TAAT we wish to be accessible to all archers, future archers, coaches, officials, schools, clubs, associations, the press, media, law enforcement authorities and the public at anytime and every time.

You are encouraged to use the following modes to contact us:

  • WEBPAGE: Regularly follow our updates and notices in this webpage.


  • EMAIL: Please mail us at You will receive an answer in 24 HOURS! You may also contact the General Secretary directly at
  • SMS - WHATSAPP: SMS to 98416-18386, or be smart and whatsapp to 73973-46932 on a smart phone. ANSWERS WILL BE INSTANT. IN ANY CASE NOT LATER THAN 12 HOURS! (This is not applicable if the general secretary is abroad and travelling)
  • FACEBOOK: This is the most happening mode of communication in the globe and ours too. The general secretary is all the time available on FB at the following id: Shihan Hussaini (HU). You can message, chat, and comment on this. You will find this, the most valuable tool of communication with us, as most happenings are updated as they happen. If you are serious about Archery, it's better you follow this page. Please remember that if you misuse this page, you will be instantly blocked.
  • MOBILE CALLS: you may call the general secretary in this number 98416-18386. He is the chief coach of the state and so is always at the archery field from 4:30 AM to 7:30 PM.

    If you are unable to get the general secretary Mr. Shihan Hussaini on this number as he is busy most of the time teaching in the field, please call the following archers:
    1) Ms. Mahima : 7624064075
    2) Ms. Kamana : 9094505005
    3) Ms. Yuvashree : 9789958160
    4) Ms. Durga : 6380037540
    They will connect you to Shihan Hussaini immediately or connect you to him as soon as it's possible.

    An ideal time to call Shihan Hussaini is 8 PM to 9 PM.

  • DIRECT VISIT: While you are most welcome to our TAAT headquarters at the below address, there is very little chance that you will get to meet anyone there as the entire team is in the field from 5 AM to 7 PM. The place is locked up. Between 8 PM and 9 PM we meet visitors here on prior appointment.

    THE ARCHERY ASSOCIATION OF TAMILNADU (TAAT) STATE HEADQUARTERS: Epicenter, T16/2 Coastal Road, Kalakshetra Colony, Besant Nagar, Chennai-600090, Tamil Nadu, INDIA.


    You are also welcome to visit us at the archery field at: MGR Janaki College for Women, Archery Range, Adyar, Chennai.

    We practise at the range in the playgrounds. The college is a very strict women's college and walking in without a prior appointment is banned. You may fix an appointment with the general secretary and then inform the security at the gate of the same and they will guide you.

  • POSTAL ADDRESS: The above is the postal address of of ours. All letters will be promptly answered.
  • FACE TIME: For users of iPhone, the general secretary is available on Face Time 24x7 at 98416-18386.

It is our endeavor that we are accessible to anyone and everyone. Please do not believe some coaches who tell you stories about our non accessibility. If they give you such stories, it's just to prevent you from knowing that they are imposters and frauds posing as Archery coaches.


Tamil Nadu Olympic Association (TNOA)
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Archery Association of India (AAI)
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Indian Olympic Association (IOA)
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World Archery (WA)
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