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Happy New Year 2021 - Jan 20, 2021

Dear Archers, Coaches, Technical Officials and other members of the Archery family of Tamilnadu,

My new year and season wishes to all of you.

Lots of good things have happened to Indian Archery since I last connected to you.

Finally the elections of the Archery Association are over. The protracted wrangle in the Delhi High Court and then the Supreme Court for the last 8 years has come to a favourable end and truth has won a decisive victory.

Our faction led by the core team of Shri Malhotra ji, Shri Virendra Sachdeva ji and Shri Anil Kamineni ji fielded the union minister Shri Arjun Munda ji of Jharkand as president and Shri Chandurkaar ji of Maharasthra as Secretary General. There was a landslide victory for our panel. The other side drew a zero.

I am happy to inform you all that I have been elected as the Joint Secretary of the Archery Association of India for a period of four years.

Using my pivotal position in the national body, I will do everything to get our Tamilnadu Archers, Coaches and Technical Officials their rightful share in all areas of Archery.

I am also happy to inform you all that I have been appointed as the first Director of the Coaches Committee of the Archery Association of India.

I am extremely grateful to Guruji Shri Virendra Sachdeva ji for all my new positions in AAI. I shall be ever grateful to him.

After a painful period of 8 years of suspension, the Sports Ministry and the Govt of India has lifted the suspension and recognised the AAI after the court has accepted the elections.

I'm happy to also announce that the Railway Ministry has reversed the decision of cancelling all concessions to sports persons and archers and sports persons will get 75% and 50% concession in train travel all over India.

Despite the killer Covid pandemic that threw life out of gear, it was regular practise ( but for 52 days ) for many dedicated Archers in our main field at MGR Janaki College in Chennai.

Mr. Manian, our Archer and a Continental Judge of World Archery has been nominated by TAAT as a member of the Judges Commitee of AAI.

Mr. Dinesh, our Archer and Level 1 State Coach has been nominated by TAAT to become a member of the Khelo India Talent Identification programme for 7 southern states of India.

I congratulate both of them for their nominations. Honesty, hard work and loyalty always pays.

The year 2020 however was stolen away by two dazzling, unprecedented world records by two tiny tots of the HU ARCHERY MISSION.

Ms Sanjana, the 5 year old Archery sensation and Ms Anine the four year old new achiever.

On August 15th, Ms Sanjana created an unbelievable world record by shooting 111 arrows in 13 minutes 15 seconds while being suspended head over heels from a 20 foot high ramp.

Four year old tiny tot Archer, Ms Anine created another sensational record on 2nd October 2020 when she shot 224 arrows into a swinging target in 40 minutes 10 seconds.

Both the records were sent to the Guiness World Book of Records for validation and citation was given to both the tiny giants by HUMAN ULTIMATE RECORDS INC.

I'm happy to inform you all that the 13th Tamilnadu State Championships which was scheduled in October 2020 and postponed due to the COVID pandemic will now be held at MGR Janaki College for Women, Adayar, Chennai from 21st February to 27th February 2021.

We will also be conducting the state level Coaches Workshop - level 2 from February 14th to 20th at Chennai at MGR Janaki College Archery Range, Adyar, Chennai.

The year is a packed one. We have 4 National Ranking Archery Tournaments at Delhi, Jamshedpur, Cochin and Hyderabad. We also have trials to the World Cup, Asia Cup in various stages. The Senior Nationals is scheduled to be conducted in the month of April in West Bengal, the Junior Nationals at Uttarakhand, the Sub Junior Nationals at Maharashtra and the Mini Sub Junior Nationals at Vijaywada.

Of course, if the pandemic situation improves, we will also be taking the Indian team to Tokyo for the Olympics.

At the Paralympics we are sure of a few medals.

Judges workshops will be conducted in the four zones in the national level this year and Tamilnadu state will also conduct Judges workshops at various districts.

It is proposed to have free Archery workshops for level 1 Archers in various parts of the state.

I request all of you who have not paid your subscriptions for the year 2020-2021 to pay it so that you can participate in the state meet as well as all activities of TAAT. Once you register with TAAT, you can also register in the AAI portal for affiliation.

Do follow our websites for updates.

Wish u all a very Happy New Year 2021 and may you involve yourself full fledged in the amazing game, sport, art, science and philosophy of Archery.

Best wishes,

Dr Shihan Hussaini

General Secretary - TAAT
Joint Secretary - AAI
Director - Coaches Committee - AAI
Level 3 Coach - World archery

HOW HEAVY SHOULD A BOW BE? - December 05, 2018

Many of my Archers keep asking me if they can increase the poundage of their bow for better results. Some go around with the feeling that heavy poundage increases the velocity of their arrows so will be less affected by wind and so want to jump many pounds above their current limbs. The result is they have less control on their shooting and erratic scores and suffer from injuries that take time to heal and set their preparations many months backwards.

Increasing poundage without sufficient preparation of muscles by weight training is a grave error one must avoid. My coach Pascal Colmaire always says "why will you need an elephant to kill an ant?"

A good test will be to check if you can hold a bow at full draw at anchor for 25 seconds x 36 times without getting tired. If the answer is yes then you can increase 2 pounds.

Please remember that the poundage of a bow is not what the limbs say. The limb weights are set at the draw of 27 inches. With every additional increase of 1 inch the bow weight increases 2 pounds and the same way it decreases for every inch lesser than 27 inches. It also varies with the size of your handle.

I am hereby attaching excerpts of a recent article on the world archery site for your reference.

- Shihan Hussaini
Chief State Archery Coach - Tamilnadu


Shooting heavy draw-weights requires an archer to have adapted their physical training. It is essential that poundage is not increased beyond physical capability to prevent injury. One of the most common questions that people unfamiliar with archery ask is, whether you have to be really strong to shoot and if a heavier bow can give better scores.

The universal advice is to start shooting at a low poundage and work your way up in weight as your strength and technique improves. For shooting outdoors at 70 metres, a more powerful bow will push the arrow faster, meaning it will be less affected by wind, but being able to control the bow and execute a shot accurately is more important than raw power.

After shooting 55 pounds for the last two years, Steve痴 teammate Sjef van den Berg has come down to 50, too. He said that if you shoot too high a poundage, it痴 difficult to execute technique properly.

None of the top archers started shooting such hefty weights without working up to it. It痴 a mistake that many improving archers fall into, sacrificing progress in form for an expected quick-fix in arrow speed that accompanies a poundage increase. It rarely, if ever, works out and can cause serious injury.

"I see a lot of young people who go up way too fast in terms of poundage, and I would definitely recommend taking it very slow," said Steve Wijler. The ability to pull back a heavier bow shouldn稚 come from shooting arrows either. Archers should weight train, even with the bow itself, to build the strength so that there痴 not the damaging effect on routine. And there痴 practically no need to hit the heavy heights that some archers shoot.

Chang Hye Jin became Olympic Champion in Rio shooting a bow that weighed just 39 pounds on her fingers. Korean archery concentrates on high training volumes, repetition and unsurprisingly consistency. High bow weights just wouldn稚 be as sustainable.

"There痴 a physical difference between Asian and Western archers. The height and muscle of Asian athletes do not fit so well with heavier bows," said coach Kim Seonghoon.

"It痴 always about getting the tune absolutely right. We try to get the perfect combination between the athlete and the equipment."

So how heavy is a bow? Exactly as heavy as it needs to be for an archer to have absolute control, perfect tune and prevent injury. After all, it痴 better to shoot a slow 10 than a fast eight.

- John Stanley
World Archery article.

TRULY SADDENED! Denying a DRONACHARYA award to Jiwanjot Singh in a National tragedy! - September 22, 2018

TRULY SADDENED! Denying a DRONACHARYA award to Jiwanjot Singh in a National tragedy!

I'm really pained that archery coach Jiwanjot Singh's name was dropped though he was recommended for the Dronacharya Award.

It's a shame that ugly minded mortals exist in India who worked for months to make sure he did not get this award. Apart from being an Olympian himself, he has helped dozens of Archers to win international medals.

While there are useless pathetic coaches who have won this award, it's sad that a talented, hardworking man who brought results was denied.

The Archery fraternity of India with conscience must revolt to get justice for this poor man who worked ceaselessly for his Archers and made many sacrifices.

I had secret info that people were plotting to sabotage his award and warned him a month ago.

The govt observer for archery Mr Sanjeeva Singh ( a Dronacharya himself ) must take this to the sports minister and fight for justice. If he fails to HE MUST RESIGN from his post. What's the point of having an observer who can't fight for the cause of coaches.

The Archery Association Tamilnadu (TAAT), all Coaches, Officials and Archers of Tamilnadu are behind you Jiwanjot Singh in your hour of tragedy.

My Prayers. Allah is great and will help you.

#justice for jiwanjot singh

- Shihan Hussaini
Level 3 Coach (World Archery)
General Secretary - The Archery Association of Tamilnadu (TAAT)


September 11, 2016

The sad part about celebrating the success of disabled athletes is that we never genuinely give them their true due. We engage in lipservice to be admired as being benevolent and nice. It's just an exercise.

How many of us sat near the TVs and watched the Paralympics with the same fervour as the Olympics?

Honestly, I did not and I hang my head down in shame and guilt.

How many corporates will announce cash awards and brand sponsorships to Mariappan?

How many will welcome him in the airport with fans and festivities??

Will he be paraded in a convoy from the airport to a stadia like the silver medalist PV Sindu and her coach were?

Will you and I be part of the huge crowds showering petals on him as he is paraded in an open vehicle?

We all know the answer. Remember ... You worship cricket! We pay attention to other games once a year during Olympics. But Paralympics ????

This is the rot in our psyche. We do not respect and admire the achievements of our disabled. We do not understand the anguish and agony of the first pangs of hopelessness as the disability hits a human and when the struggle begins to a decent life and the hurdles one needs to cross to excel in sports.

The achievement of Mariappan is more than the combined medals of all our Olympic medalists so far from Rio and other games. I bow my head to you Mariappan and Varun in SALUTE.

You are a great son to this nation!

You have opened our hearts and our conscience!

AMMA has taken the first step in the right direction. She is an example, a role model to the world to recognise Marriappan at par with other able bodied Olympians by announcing the cash award of 2 crores. Tamilnadu is the first state in India to give a cash award at par with Olympic medalists.

Compliments to our visionary Chief Minister. Let's start respecting the disabled! On my side I wish to announce that I will teach Archery free of cost to any disabled person who approaches me!

Jai Mariappan!

Jai Matha! Pitha! Guru! God!

Jai Hind!

- HU
"The Mind Coach"
"You set the targets! I'll take you there!"


Why we did not win a medal in the Olympics?
September 5, 2016

An intense brain storming session at the India Habitat center, New Delhi by all the big gun administrators of India on why we did not win a medal in the Olympics despite having won in so many World Championships and the way forward to win in Tokyo 2020 Olympics!

Dear Archery family,

Greetings to all of you.

I was fortunate to be part of the group that got together to discuss why we did not get a medal in Rio 2016.

While many spoke extremely well my favourite speeches were the passionate one by Pareshnathji, the eloquence by Chandurkarji, the frank one by Dr Jindalji, the composed one by Matsui Ji, the outright one by Dr Joris Ji and the emphatic one by Rupesh Ji.

I am not authorised to detail others speeches here. It will be summarised by the right person in the right way in the right time.

I simply wish to give excerpts from what I spoke and what I wished to speak ...which is I believe in my rights.

* unity! - while we postmortem the reasons ... What is very important is that we maintain unity and make sure we do not stop digging the well with the same team of passionate leaders and not be poisoned again by opportunist snakes lurking in the dark. The water is just a few feet away. It will happen. We just need to be a little patient and united.

* no one stopped anyone to create an Olympic medalist so no one gets the right to ask us why you did not create a medalist. Whether it be individuals, coaches, state administrators or academies. It's everybody's job. It's everybody's responsibility. So let's start from the scratch ... It's everybody's challenge. The field is open. So is the responsibility. You do not need a post or position to do it. Don't ask why we did not get a medal. You go and create a medalist yourself. Nobody stopped you. Tokyo 2020 is an open field.

* Its my proposal that we continue to be led by the advise of our godfather and life time president Shri Malhotra Ji and the advise of veteran giants like Shri Pareshnath Mukerjeeji and allow them to nominate who must steer the boat and lead it to its destinations.

* I have personally seen the sacrifices made by the Secretary General Shri Anil Kameneni and the treasurer Guruji Virendra Sachdeva Ji in the last 4 years. I used to have my own doubt if the 'corporate man' that Anil is would go down and work at the ground level. He has amazed all of us with his involvement at every level. Taking a leaf out of his predecessor Shri Pareshnath Ji, Anil was here, Anil was there and Anil was everywhere. He was the first to arrive and last to leave in every championship, every meet, every discussion, every camp and every course. He was the leading captain fighting from the front and working at the last rows as a grassroot foot solider. His role and his relationship with world archery during the critical days when a delinquent political party led Govt derecognised the AAI was pivotal in keeping our head high and arms strong with "World Archery" declaring their unconditional support to AAI and its constitution. Let's put our hands together to his unrivalled devotion to the values and guidelines of our godfather Shri Vijaykumar Malhotraji and for the sacrifices he made, hard work he put in, time and energy he spent, personal funds he invested, the knowledge he shared, strategies he devised for winning championships and his pure sincerity.

* A man who redefined the post of "treasurer" is my personal guruji Shri Virendra Sachdevaji. What distinguishes a true leader from the "phoney" ones is the ability to take quick decisions, the quality to relate with every human, the courage of conviction, the consistency to stand by the people who work for you, the firmness to take strong action, the heart to forgive, the willingness to take any challenge and give your 100% to it, to treat the enemy of ur supporter as your enemy, strong nationalism, undying patriotism, the DNA of loyalty in your blood and a vision for the future. He simply does not fit in the hat of just "a treasurer" he is a man we must treasure. I have seen him turn any adversity to his advantage ... So much so like his teacher Pareshnathji he is a man of action and like his mentor Shri Malhotraji, a leader with a vision. He knows when to give a carrot and how to wield the stick. I have had tears in my eyes seeing this man limping to every Olympic selection camp after an unfortunate accident chopped off all the toes of his right foot. He ruined his business and emptied his personal pockets to be with the archers for 40 days at Rio.

* I propose that these two devoted leaders with the blessings of our godfather Shri Vijaykumar Malhotraji and the guidance of our vision mentor Shri Pareshnathji continue to lead us to Tokyo 2020. They are the best bet for an Olympic medal in Archery. I plead to you all to nominate Mr Anil Kameneni for the post of President of AAI and to nominate Shri Virendra Sachdevaji for the post of Secretary General of AAI. And I beg you all to unanimously elect them instead of thrusting a bitter election again engineered by imposters which serve only to divide us.

UNITY - This is the first thing we must aim at if we need a medal at Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

* Now let's discuss where we went wrong.
We went wrong to THINK we went wrong.

This is the best performance of the Indian Archers ever in any Olympics. Three archers coming to the pre quarter finals is no mean task. This is the game of "the moment"! The moment was just not right. Nobody wants to lose. To blame outright the Archers or the Coaches or the Administrators is just not right.

The Archers did their best ... the Coaches did their best and AAI did its best.

* 207 countries and thousands of athletes participate in every Olympics. Everyone who did not get a gold is not a loser. Remember ...amongst 7 billion humans, these people made a zillion sacrifices to make it to the ultimate arena of sports. That is a WIN. They are Olympians for life. That's an achievement in itself. Deepika did not lose. In the process of her preparations let's not forget that she equalled the world record score of KI BO BAE. She became the best on earth. She is certainly a WINNER.

Let's not forget that Bombalya Devi was the second best in a country of 1.25 billion. She worked her heart out to reach the arena at Sambadrome. Her performance was remarkable all thru the trials and the test events. Yes. Again ... It just wasn't her moment. Rani Mahji was also not a loser. Anyone who even thinks so it all wrong. To emerge from a weak background and end up kissing the hallowed Olympic ground of the Archery arena at Rio must not have been an easy samba dance for her. Please think of the years of dreaming, training and trials of this girl. Atanu Das is our hero. He came in like a hero, shot like a hero, fought like a hero and walked out of the arena like a hero. Don't forget that he won till a shootout. He missed it by a zillionth of a millimetre. But he won the hearts of our nation. He is our poster boy. AAI's hero. This country's hero, every Indian Archers hero and yes Amitab bacchan's hero.

* AAI has created Arjuna awardees, Dhronacharyas, Padmashrees, Recurve medalists in innumerable World Championships, World Compound Champions, made India a formidable force in the world of Archery, created thousands of jobs for Archers and Coaches, created world class Archery Judges, gave an opportunity for thousands of students to get medical, engineering seats in the sports quota, created businesses for Archery clubs and dealers and to spread modern Archery throughout the length and breadth of India. AAI created a united family of Archery. AAI is a winner.

* Then why did Korea win all the gold medals when we did not. We were close but not close enough. We had the records but could not perform when we had to. We left no stone unturned but the Archers hit jitters when it mattered. If a world class archer shoots 7 at the Olympics we seriously need to ask why. Many of the experts who spoke before me gave the answer. Yes ... It's in the MIND!

* unfortunately the entire world looks to Indians for mind control, mind training, mind relaxation, meditation, mind mechanics, mind strengthening and every mind related techniques but we have miserably failed to realise the importance of this.

* we are the mind pioneers ... the mind leaders! Let's not look for a foreign coach or a mind trainer from abroad. We have it in us. In many of us. We have Phd holders in Archery. Men who truly matter. Let's utilise ourselves. We just need to first realise that MIND COACHING is the key we are looking for. Key to the Archery Golden treasure we are all hunting for.

* I am not just an Archery Coach or an Administrator of Archery. At the cost of being called a "brag" please allow me to introduce myself as the best "MIND COACH" this world has to offer.

The president of the Korean Archery Federation Mr Eu - sung is on record in his mail thru the psychiatrist of the Korean National Archery Team, thanking me for all the Archery gold medals they won at Rio. I am forwarding it to you all separately.

* I am a mind coach for the last 30 years. A mind coach needs to first coach his own mind. A mind coach sets unprecedented targets.....creates insurmountable obstacles ..and declares an ultimate challenge and then crosses the obstacles, reaches the targets and wins over the ultimate challenge successfully.

* I have created mental challenges and set about creating world records no man on earth ever has even dreamt about. There is no time here to detail everything but I must mention a few. (You can check video clips of these in, Shihan hussaini world records)

* I challenged to the world that just with "mind power", I will have 140 litres of petrol poured over me with just a suit of cotton, set myself ablaze and sit in the inferno and emerge out alive and uninjured. In front of thousands of people, television crew, doctors and doubting toms I successfully did it and created a record no man has ever attempted.

* I challenged the world that with "mind coaching", I will get bitten by four world's most poisonous Cobras tested for its venom by experts and then in front of stunned medical men, amazed tv crew, mind blown journalists, doubting toms and a shocked audience of thousands, got myself bitten by the snakes and with the venom racing to my heart, smashed 300 tiles with my forehead and hoisted the tricolour before being rushed to hospital. I had coached my mind to survive the ordeal.

* I challenged the world that I will with "mind tolerance" have one thousand and sixty huge heavy granite rocks smashed on my chest non stop for 12 hours. Doctors of Ramachandra hospital predicted that I will die. A famous documentary film maker Mr Ramani expecting that I will die Made a documentary on me "If I Die?" (check online), but I did not.

The world watched stunned as I went thru the ordeal and created a record no human has broken. With sheer mind power. By coaching my mind to succeed in the challenge.

* I challenged to the world that with "mind coaching", I will have 101 cars run over my right hand and with the same injured hand will smash 5000 tiles and 1000 bricks below 30 minutes. I shook up the globe when I did it in 24 minutes. A shaken up Tamilnadu Chief Minister instantly awarded me 18 grounds of prime land free of cost.

* I challenged to myself that I will be the no 1 fighter and Karate expert in the country after I was punched by a bigger boy in my childhood. I "coached my mind" to become the no. 1 Karate teacher in India in Isshinryu Karate, won 3 World Karate Championships, created 69 International Champions in Karate, created 2676 black belt coaches, started 544 Karate clubs in 7 countries and went on to create 13 human endurance records.

* The Latest challenge I threw to the world was the most sensational when I announced that thru "mind power", "hetero infuencing" and "positive distance suggestion", I will pray for the positive judgement in a fabricated case against my Chief Minister "AMMA" and she will be back as Chief Minister of Tamilnadu. People laughed as the entire political and legal spectrum was against her. I went on to use crucifixion as a tool. As the media world watched and filmed in horror, I self crucified myself with nails into the hands and legs to a wooden cross and stayed crucified for 7 minutes. It worked. The impossible happened. She was acquitted and returned as the Chief Minister. (watch youtube - log in: Shihan Hussaini Crucifiction)

* these are just a few amongst the long list of impossible stuff I achieved thru mind coaching.

* Anilji must know better. I created a super star out of a nobody in his own family circle by coaching his mind. Mega Telugu star Pawan Kayan was my creation. I've coached the minds of Tamil superstar Vijay, Ravi, Arjun and a string of actors, actresses, top international businessmen, artists, sculptors, musicians, top IAS and IPS officers, sportspersons amongst others. I've counselled thousands of people from all walks of life to solve their personal, social, career and financial problems as I am a professionally qualified social worker with academic qualifications in guidance and counselling.

* My next challenge was a medal in Archery at the Olympics. I come from a family generation of Archers. I have documented proof for it.

I have been trained by some of the best Archery Coaches in the world. Pascal Colmaire, Eric, Bill Wee, Kim Sun Bun, Laval Falks, Mahendar Singh Sardar amongst many others. Officially I have a Level 3 coaches certification from "World Archery" and incidentally 7 certifications from WA. It took me 18 years of struggle to get AAI recognition. I call Virenderji my AAI guru as he was the one who identified my true credentials and helped me to whatever I am in AAI. You all know that just on the eve of Govt derecognition I organised the most memorable Nationals in Chennai in 2012. I started modern Archery in Tamilnadu and introduced the first recurve bow and the first compound bow to Tamilians. I've organized over a hundred workshops and lectures to spread Archery in Tamilnadu and today we have Archery in 17 districts here. As a one man army and only determination as my investment, I've now created a team of dedicated Recurve and Compound Archers who have finally got good equipment and have started training. We have started last in the race. But we won't be the last in the medals soon.

* I have followed the system, the training and the selection processes of the Archers by AAI. It's flawless. What we badly needed was a dynamic mind coach who will coordinate the different training systems received by the Archers in the camp by various coaches and create a seamless unified single minded approach towards WINNING. AAI also brought a mind coach from abroad at great expense. I watched it with great satisfaction as it was the right approach. I wanted to train the India team who would represent at Olympics in the most crucial part of mind coaching called "D - countdown positive conversion" which deals with last minute nervousness and how to tap it to our advantage. I wrote a mail to Shri AnilJi a month before Rio briefing him my credentials and pleading him to allow me just one hour with the Olympic team to coach their minds. Sadly I never got a reply. I then decided to travel to Rio at my own expenses and use the well known mind coaching tool called "UPZ" - Utilising Patriotic Zeal to convert nervousness to positive confidence. I met Shri Anilji at the terrace of his hotel the night before the matches began, and for over a couple of hours demonstrated the magical "mental tuning tool" with practical examples and pleaded him to allow me to meet the Archers and tune them for just 30 minutes so that they will sync with the motivation commands given to them from the stands. Anilji while giving me a very patient listening told me "now all the Archers are already prepared with some sort of mental preparation of their own. If you teach them something else at the last minute ... what if they do not win and blame it on you and me?". I was ready to take the blame. He was not. I have no complaints. He had his logical reasons.

* what happened when the matches began was for the world to see on television screens globally. I was motivating and screaming my heads off from the stands waving our national flags and using UPZ commands non stop. Our Archers won every match.

* then an ugly incident happened. One Archer complained that I must not use individuals names to motivate. I was dejected. Then a member of our massage team shouted at me on a crucial match day telling me "don't disturb the archers!" I was infuriated and fired him to mind his business and that I knew what I was doing. But my tuning was lost and I shut up. Sadly our Archers lost all the matches that day. There may be other reasons.

* what followed is also recorded history. Under the instructions of Mr Um, the Secretary General of the Asian Archery Federation who knew my accomplishments, the psychiatrist of the Korean team who is also an authority on "UPZ" pleaded me to help the Korean team as the top Archer Kim Woo Jin had lost. I asked them to approach Anilji and after his explicit permission, I worked for the Korean Archery team and became their "mind coach working with them till all the gold medals were won." I refused offers of cash and expensive gifts they gave me. They honoured me by calling all their winning Archers right on the spot and taking a picture of me center stage. I'm forwarding the thank you mail by their president to you all.

* Most of our coaches think equipment alone needs to be tuned. It's a fallacy, while mind coaching is an exhaustive subject, allow me to highlight the main sections we need to focus on:

1) mission tuning
2) life style tuning
3) mind tuning
4) body tuning
5) equipment tuning
6) technique tuning
7) score tuning
8) competition tuning
9) medal habit tuning
10) pressure tuning
11) patriotism tuning and
12) zeal tuning

* while I thank Guruji Virendra Sachdevaji for loudly proclaiming me "the true ambassador of India in Rio" the sad part of the story is that another person just thanked me for being a "cheer leader" and dancing well. Truly sad. Never mind. The Koreans have honoured me.

* Dear friends,

Nothing is ever too late. I plead with this August gathering to at least now recognise the paramount importance of "a dedicated mind coach" if we want to win in Tokyo 2020. If you can find a foreign mind coach anywhere in the world with credentials better than me, appoint him OR else give me a chance. I will work for a salary of one rupee per year, fly to camps hundreds of times at my own expense, stay in self paid hotels, eat my own food and also spend for the mind coaching tools and unconventional expenses of training. If we win I will never claim any cash that may rightly go to the Archer's personal Archery Coach. I also publicly challenge that if allowed to coach with unfettered independence and if my Archers do not win a medal in Tokyo 2020, I will close down my Archery Academy and quit Archery coaching for ever. Yes. You may ask me Why can't you train Tamilnadu Archers and prove your point? Yes I can. I will too. But time is against us. Tokyo will slip by too. In Archery shooting experience is important. It's faster to train shooters of good scores and make them medalists than wait for novices. In Tamilnadu we have "just" formed a serious team getting scores of above 600 with dedicated time and good equipment. We are actually just six months old for practical purposes. It will take a long time to first get technically strong and shoot well. It's better I work with the minds of Archers of the country who are already in the top slot. I plead with you again to lend credence to the purpose of this gathering of big guns by utilising my offer and making the right decision. If you don't. I will respect your decision. And work for some other country.

* I again plead for UNITY under the leadership of our godfather Shri Malhotra Ji, a unanimous election under his guidance, and the names of Shri Anil Ji as president and Guruji Virendra Sachdevaji as Secretary General. Let's avoid evil men who serve themselves first and Archery last. Let's stay away from their efforts at poisoning our minds, dividing us and fulfilling their own personal agendas.

Stay united.

That is the way to a medal in Tokyo 2020.

That is patriotism.

* that's the right way forward in the right direction.

Thank you

Jai Matha, Pitha, Guru, God.

Jai Hind


January 25, 2016

Padmashri Deepika Kumari

The entire Archery family of India is thrilled at the conferring of PADMASHRI on one of the family members of the ARCHERY ASSOCIATION OF INDIA (AAI).

This is the first ever PADMASHRI conferred on any Woman Archer ever in the history of our country.

DEEPIKA is part of our own AAI family and we all are all extremely delighted.

The biggest part of the credit of course goes to the Godfather of modern Archery in India, the head of our Archery family since it's inception, the man of no compromises, the pursuer of excellence, Shri PROF V K Malhotraji without whose visionary efforts for over 40 years, no stupendous success would have been possible. The hard working strategist, the soft spoken diplomat, the elaborate planner, the warrior of less words and more action, a man belonging to suave intelligentsia, the able Secretary General of the AAI Shri Anil Kameneni must be credited for the behind the scenes work and the systematic proposals and nominations that led to the award. My personal management guruji and the new hot star in the Archery horizons, a man with steel in his nerves and a cool hat on his head, the super fast decision maker, the loyalist, the King and the King maker, a warm human to the needy and a terror to the evil, the handsome treasurer of the AAI Shri Virendra Sachdevaji has much to be thanked for his political wisdom and bull dozer enthusiasm in making this award a possibility. Gunjanji has been the hard horse on whose untiring muscles the power of AAI rides. He must be given his due credit too.

Deepika is largely a 'soul made' Archer though TATA and the coaches there gave her the fertile grounds and the right platform to grow as a professional world force to reckon with in Archery. Her Indian coaches as well as her periodic Korean coaches need to be thanked. So must we thank the love and care of her fellow Archers in her career.

India has come to age with the conferment of this rare honour. THE PADMASHRI.

With the back up that AAI is giving her, an Olympic medal in RIO is a dream that will soon turn true.

My prophecies rarely go wrong.

To me, DEEPIKA is a dear little friend who is as pretty a girl as much as she enshrines a golden heart. I constantly advise, motivate and encourage her that anything is possible. ANYTHING!


Shihan Hussaini
General Secretary
The Archery Association of Tamilnadu (TAAT).


Just for the records,


Was born in Jharkhand, on June 13, 1994

  • ranked 1 in AAI ranking
  • ranked 9 in World Archery ranking
  • winning percentage of 73% (matches) and 64% (tie breaks)
  • shoots 9.16 average per arrow


  • silver at World Archery Championships, 2015 in Copenhagen, Denmark (team)
  • gold at World Archery Youth Championships, 2011 in Legnica, Poland (individual)
  • bronze at World Archery Youth Championships, 2011 in Legnica, Poland (team)
  • silver at World Archery Championships, 2011 in Turin, Italy (team)
  • gold at World Archery Youth Championships, 2009 in Ogden, USA (individual)
  • silver at World Cup Final, 2015 in Mexico city, Mexico (individual)
  • silver at World Cup Stage 3, 2015 in Wroclaw, Poland (mixed)
  • bronze at World Cup Stage 2, 2015 in Antalya, Turkey (individual)
  • gold at World Cup Stage 4, 2014 in Wroclaw, Poland (team)
  • bronze at World Cup Stage 4, 2014 in Wroclaw, Poland (mixed/individual)
  • silver at World Cup Final, 2013 in Paris, France (individual)
  • gold at World Cup Stage 4, 2013 in Wroclaw, Poland (team)
  • gold at World Cup Stage 3, 2013 in Medellin, Columbia (team)
  • bronze at World Cup Stage 3, 2013 in Medellin, Columbia (mixed)
  • silver at World Cup Stage 1, 2013 in Shanghai, China (mixed/individual)
  • silver at World Cup Final, 2012 in Tokyo, Japan (individual)
  • gold at World Cup Stage 2, 2012 in Antalya, Turkey (individual)
  • silver at World Cup Stage 1, 2012 in Shanghai, China (team)
  • silver at World Cup Final, 2011 in Istanbul, Turkey (individual)
  • gold at World Cup Stage 4, 2011 in Shanghai, China (team)
  • bronze at World Cup Stage 4, 2011 in Shanghai, China (individual)
  • silver at World Cup Stage 3, 2011 in Ogden, USA (individual, team and mixed)
  • silver at World Cup Stage 2, 2011 in Antalya, Turkey (mixed)
  • bronze at World Cup Stage 2, 2011 in Antalya, Turkey (team)
  • silver at World Cup Stage 4, 2010 in Shanghai, China (individual)
  • silver at World Cup Stage 3, 2010 in Ogden, USA (team)
  • bronze at Asian Games, 2010 in Guangzhou, China (team)
  • silver at Asian Archery Championships, 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand (team)
  • bronze at Asian Archery Championships, 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand (mixed)
  • gold at 18th Asian Archery Championships & YOG Qualifier, 2013 in Taipei (mixed)
  • bronze at 17th Asian Archery Championships & Asian Olympic Qualifier in Tehran, Iran (team)
  • gold at CWG, 2010 in India (individual)
  • gold at 2nd Asian Grand Prix, in Bangkok, Thailand (individual)


  • Arjuna awardee for the year 2012
  • FICCI Sportsperson of the Year 2014
  • started archery in the year 1995 and became pro in 2008
  • daughter of auto-rickshaw driver (father) and nurse at Ranchi Medical College (mother)
  • she practiced archery while aiming for mangoes with stones in her childhood
  • early days it was rather difficult for the parents to financially support Deepika's dream, often compromising on the family budget to buy her new equipment for her training; as a result, Deepika practiced archery using homemade bamboo bows and arrows
  • cousin Vidya Kumari, then an archer residing at Tata Archery Academy, helped her develop her talent
  • in 2005 she entered Arjun Archery Academy, an institute set up by Meera Munda, wife of state CM Shri. Arjun Munda at Kharsawan
  • her professional archery journey begun in 2006 when she joined the Tata Archery Academy in Jamshedpur. received Rs 500 as a stipend
  • 2nd Indian to win the title after Palton Hansda won the junior compound competition at the 2006 Archery World Cup in M駻ida, Mexico.
  • In 2014, she was featured by Forbes (India) as one of their '30 under 30'

Countries Participated:

  • Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • Porec, Croatia
  • Beijing, China
  • Ulsan, Korea
  • Ogden, Utah, USA
  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Shanghai, China
  • Antalya, Turkey
  • Wroclaw, Poland
  • Copenhagen, Denmark


January 2, 2015


If we have to join the long list of achievers on planet earth, we need to learn just one lesson from all of them. JUST ONE !

The first man to scale Mount Everest, the first human to put his footprint on the moon, the first explorer to circumnavigate the earth, the first scientist to discover nuclear energy, the first surgeon to do a heart transplant, the first foreign social worker to get into the hearts of every indian as a 'mother' Theresa ..... All did one thing in common.

They spent 'TIME' on the pursuit that seized them with passion.

The indicator that u are passionate Abt archery is to check ur 'time log' and calculate how much time you have thought, felt, dressed, read, learnt, practised, talked ARCHERY!

If it is below 8 hours per day, you have failed the test.

You just CANNOT achieve anything.

An archers mother lamented to me after his dismal performance in a national "what is the problem, why is he performing badly? why is he not getting a medal?"

I showed her the boy's archery practise diary. Just blank pages!

Another came to me with a newspaper article 'Korean coach looks for fresh olympic talent' and asked me if her son should apply.

She was seriously asking me if her son can win a medal in the Rio Olympics. Or at least in the youth Olympics and if she should approach the Korean coach.

Did not know if I should laugh out loud or cry bitterly.

Felt like breaking my own head on the nearby wall for two reasons.

First : her son hardly spends an hour or two at the field a day after a disappearance act of one week every fortnight. His diary speaks volumes of emptiness.

Two : GREATEST INSULT IN MY LIFE - she trusts some Korean coach instead of ME after having been told a Zillion times that if ever U accept any other teacher in archery, U are out of my mission.

The sad thing is the ignorance of some that a few Lakhs paid as course fees, the best equipment, a few days of practise before a tournament and one can win a medal direct in the Olympics.

No achievement happens thru a lucky draw. A lottery win can get u money but not a global achievement.

The key is there is no 'bad time' for an archer who has put in good amount of 'TIME!'.

Every achiever's litmus test is the time they have spent pursuing their dream.

To put it in another way. A medal winning archer must have a diary of recording what he/she did other than archery.

All other times it must be archery. A coach cant spoon feed you all the time.

Give me your time and I will show you the results.

The first step is a detailed archery diary that u must carry with you all the time. Every arrow shot, every end, the time, the breaks, your bracing height, your tiller ... Every detail must be entered here.

We are pitted against academies and institutes in the country where the archers shoot to have their their next meal.

We can't achieve with a few hours a week.

Trust me.

The country of archers are watching us.

This year is a medal year. We need to see, touch, smell and taste medals.

Yes it is possible.

Just give me one thirds of your 24 hours for archery.

8 hours a day for archery and I'll take you to the nationals, to the world championships and YES to the Olympics.

No Korean coach can do a miracle.

Only the time you spend.

And the trust you put in me.

The next olympic medalist will be from HU Archery Mission.

2015 : let's prove a point!

The point that we can WIN.


- HU

CHICKENING OUT !!! - October 24, 2014

October 24, 2014




While rain is one of the best things ever created by god and a joy to thousands of villages all over the world where it's parched ...

A divine gift in deserts .... It's really sad that when it rains, instead of running out and getting drenched in the heavenly downpour and enjoying the magical drops drumming lovely melodies on ur face and body ... Many morons shut themselves up and call up and advise friends not to step out without an umbrella.

Afraid of getting wet or just an excuse to stay home and bunk from school, college or work?

I am still appalled that I get calls from my archers "do we have archery practise? It's raining heavily?"

In spite of telling archers a hundred times that if it rains we will have a class ... If it's raining very heavily we will 'certainly' have a class and if it's a storm "we definitely will" have a class; it's sad to see an empty field when it rains.

That's what happened today. Though I had taken pains to send a very long message to all archers last night on whatssap that they must come ready for 'rain training' and what dress they must wear, what footwear is best suited and extra dry clothes and plastic sheets and and and .... most of them conveniently chickened out.


But then, it was a joy to see five of them hesitatingly loitering around wondering if there will be a session or not.

Got a message from Aashish that there was no one here. Do we have a class?

Son! If no one is there ... then u have the field all for urself. Why did u not start on ur own?

Lead recurve scorer selva called "HU the field is flooded". Are we gonna shoot? YEEEEESSSS

I screamed back as I drove to the field "I don't mind starting 'aquatic archery'" if I have to but goddamn it "We are gonna shoot!"!.

As expected, Yazarafath and Yasmeen the couple were there (without their equipment ... ) They are competing for the cash award I had announced ten months ago 'fifty thousand bucks' for anyone who comes regularly in time daily without break till my next birthday.

Was it true commitment or fear of losing the cash award?

I BELEIVE it was commitment. And yes Sripathy! Bravo boy. You are very special to me.

It was a great experience trust me ... meditating, mission oath declaring, exercising and yes shooting in the rain. As I was about to start, Kuldeep calls "namaste HU. It's raining very heavily here. What to do?"

"go to sleep betae I told him!"

I had come prepared with a basic synthetic intuitive bow. Others used terrabands to shoot.

Where were the other archers ? Sleeping ? Hiding ? Chickening out ?

Guys it's not raining bombs! It's just wonderful rain.

Afraid of rain? What do I do to u guys? And you want an olympic medal?


I've just mentally awarded all of u who did not come this morning 'the medal for the best CHICK!'

Praying for more rains tomorrow and more CHICKS!



BLACK FLAGGED 7th STATE MEET - October 5, 2014

October 5, 2014

Dear Archers, Parents and Archery enthusiasts, greetings from TAAT.

While it was decided to keep the celebrations of 35 years of modern archery in Tamilnadu, the 16th anniversary of the TAAT and the 7th state meet low key due to the highly unfortunate incarceration of our most hon' and loved' people's Chief Minister AMMA, the 7th state archery meet conducted on 5th October 2014 by The Archery Association of Tamilnadu (TAAT) was a stupendous success. Over 200 archers from 18 districts participated with black cloth badges to protest against the 'Wrong & Malicious' judgement against our sports loving chief minister.

The playgrounds at Dr. MGR Janaki college (formerly Satya studio) was completely transformed into an archery arena with hundreds of archers with their equipment dotting the landscape like honeybees around a comb. Many archers had arrived the earlier day and were practising to get a feel of the environs. The entries were open to any archer in Tamilnadu affiliated to the 17 TAAT recognised district units. Archers from the 15 districts where the process of association formation is still going on were instructed thru our webpage to join the 10 day CAS (Continuous Assessment Selections) at Chennai where the archers were trained and assessed daily for consistent scores. Successful archers were allowed to participate. Though through several meetings the Organizing committee headed by the tournament chairman Mr. Kuldeep and the Judges Commitee Chairman Mr. C.S. Manian promised that the event would start by 7 sharp, there was a huge delay of 1 hour. However they very ably managed to speeden up and cope with the pressing schedule and finished it right in time.

Thank you Kuldeep and Manian. Mr. Arivarasu chairman of the Field of Play, had done a fantastic job in the preparation of grounds and facilities and had very aptly reorganised the field for longer and shorter distances without having to shift buttresses.

Mr. Kumar, made excellent arrangements with the food and it's distribution and Ms. Dhana, chairman of hospitality did a commendable job taking care of the needs of all archers and officials.

There were a total of 216 entries from 18 districts. Competitions were held in four divisions. Recurve, Compound, Indian and Intuitive.

There were further divisions in Recurve and Compound called TAAT Recurve and TAAT Compound for trainee beginners who shot at 18 mts. There were two sub divisions in the intuitive section called 'Western Intuitive' and 'Indian Intuitive'. Junior Archers below 14 years shot at 6 mts and Seniors shot at 12 mts.

Thank you Mr. Selva Ganapathy, Chairman of Administration Committee for the flawless online registrations, tabulations and results.

Mission control Ramkumar rocked as usual!

Our patrons at MGR Janaki college had given several facilities to use making the event most convenient for our archers, officials, relatives of archers and visitors. Actually the whole place looked more like a national championship. While the earlier state meets were a big media event with several channels and newspapers giving wide coverage, this event was a media disaster with none covering it. It was due to a communication gap in updating the media list. I take full responsibility for the lapse as I had taken the responsibility from the Public Relations Commitee chairman Mr. Sundar but could send work on it. The next time we will be more careful. The alternative shooting medal matches in the Indian, Recurve and Compound matches were cliff hangers with many a result decided by 'coin toss!'

Shri. Kumar Rajendran, leading advocate and our patron distributed medals to all the winners.

I thank all of you for your active participation and look forward to a bigger 8th state meet next year with all 32 districts participating.

Certificates for meritorious participation (score of above 60%) and for the medal winners in the Recurve, Compound and Indian will be sent by first week of Nov after cross checking the tabulations.

There won't be any certificates for other state categories (Intuitive and TAAT bows).

I wish all the archers who have been selected for the Senior Indian, Recurve and Compound nationals to be held at New Delhi (11th to 19th Oct at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium) all the very best. The realistic targets for them have been explained to them well. Good luck archers.

Train hard ... Train mad!


- HU
Founder, General Secretary and Chief State Coach - TAAT.

ARCHERY BAN - February 2, 2014

February 2, 2014


Maharishi trophy.

Conducted by so called field archery association of chennai district an inter CBSE school meet for indoor field archery championship 2014.

Information and warning!


Parents of all participants of the above mentioned competition are herby informed that the above competition is not authorised and all students participating in this tournament will be banned from participating in any mainstream archery competitions conducted in the district, state, country and world.


The world archery is the only body in the world to authorise and conduct any archery tournament in the world which includes target archery, field archery, clout, indoor archery, world championships, world cups, Asian Grand Prix, Asian games archery, common wealth games archery and all tournaments leading to, and the Olympics.

World archery has affiliated and authorised only Archery Association of India (AAI) under the able leadership of Prof VK Malhotra as president and Shri Anil Kameneni as Secretary General to conduct all archery activities in the country. The AAI has 45 state member units in the country which are affiliated and recognised and authorised to conduct events in archery.

In Tamilnadu state, The Archery Association of Tamilnadu (TAAT) is the only body which is authorised by AAI to promote, control archery and conduct competitions for any and all forms of archery in any part of the state.

To teach, coach archery anywhere in the country, the coach needs to be properly trained and certified by Sports authority of India or must be be trained by World archery and needs to be a level 1, level 2 or level 3 certified coach.

Any one and everyone cannot become a coach by reading books or watching YouTube.

Students trained by such people run the risk of unscientific training - totally ruining their shooting form, archery technique and destroying their future in archery. Any organization conducting an archery tournament needs to have World archery or AAI certified national judges and trained scorers to supervise safety arrangements and fairness to international rules and regulations.

Any tom, dick and harry can't be a director of shooting, judge or scorer. Any competition conducted without such trained personnel can be dangerous to the person and life of participants as one arrow shot recklessly can cause serious or fatal injury.

By conducting an unauthorised competition, the organiser puts the life and well being of several humans to risk and becomes directly responsible for the accident.

As such it is a potential law and order problem with groups of untrained and unauthorised people wielding potentially dangerous equipment if handled improperly.

Vill archery is not a recognised archery club as the trainer Mr Vasu is not a qualified archery coach. He has neither been trained by SAI or has a certification by world archery, by AAI or by TAAT.

Field archery is a unrecognised body and is not part of the Olympic Games. AAI had issued a warning that any body participating in competitions conducted by them will be banned from all mainstream archery.

The principal of Maharishi school had been misguided by Mr Vasu and has been made president of field archery who in his unrecognised new avatar is promoting and organizing this unrecognised tournament and in turn is misguiding innocent students and parents.


TAAT hereby announces that all participants of this event will be video graphed and their names and schools are being noted. These students will be banned from mainstream archery events. Parents of participants are warned of the grave risk of ban they are putting their children to. U are requested to withdraw ur participation from this event immediately.


Shihan Hussaini
General Secretary
The Archery Association of Tamilnadu (TAAT)
Ph: 98416-18386

'THAT ONE SINGLE ARROW' - January 18, 2014

January 18, 2014



It was 6-50 am! Terrorised, I jumped out of bed. Another ten minutes and I'm gonna lose. Won't make it to the Olympics. Can't inspire the state's efforts too. The medal can't be won with a break. This was the 12th day of 'insane archery.' and the key to the programme's success must be 'an unbroken record of daily practise'. My daily alarms had failed me. In fact I went to sleep only after 8 of the morning alarms had sounded. The day and night practise of the last few days was rejuvenating. But the lack of proper food and sleep was taking it's toll. My midnight search in Besant nagar area yesterday for some shop that would be open for dinner having failed ... retired to bed with a few sips of water from an almost empty water bottle. Hunger does not let u sleep. It did not till 3 am ... Half hour after all the alarms had gone off! And just when I was planning to get up... Sleep hits me hard!

How am I going to face my student archers .... Slipped into my chappals, grabbed my key bunch ... Ran down two flights of steep stairs ... Opened / locked the gate ... flew on my Safaari Storme to the grounds. It was one minute to 7 and the archers were just dispersing. Took my compound bow from my car ... Picked up just one arrow from my quiver and rushed to the ground. The surprised archers moved toward me seeking my blessings ... Falling at my feet. Screamed at sundar to quickly remove the cover from my Butress .... Took a stance ... 10 seconds more to 7! And lo ... I had forgotten my releaser ( which is used to draw the 60 pound bow ) I panicked!! I'm going to lose ... there was no way I can go back to my car and get it ... just three seconds to go. Made up my mind. Nocked the arrow.... Used my three fingers to pull the string .... As the string cut my bare fingers ..... drew the bow and shot! Zipppppppppp 'Taat.' the arrow hits outside the target sheet. Zero seconds!

I had kept my attendance. As the amused twenty archers watched at me with the meaning of that 'one arrow attendance' dawning upon them .... I too a bow with my bow.

Kiddo Divesh had won the early bird award of 1000 bucks. Though poorer by 1k I had kept my date with insanity. One arrow to 'Destiny insanity' Thrilled.

A NOTE TO NISHANTI - a future Olympian! - January 16, 2014

A NOTE TO NISHANTI - a future Olympian!
January 16, 2014

A note to Nishanthi! AN OLYMPIC HOPE!

Dear Nishanthi,

I don't write personalised notes to anyone and everyone. And I don't remember the last time I did. Wish u were my daughter. U have all traits of my daughter. Talented to the core and burning with ambition. Since u have my 'archery genes' u can still be my daughter. So it's a note from a father to a child. It's a very long long time since I went out to take class for anyone on a one to one 'private' basis. The last time was probably 25 years ago ... When I pioneered a 'home instruction' training scheme in karate where I travelled all over the city to take martial art classes for people who had fat purses and were willing to pay. Even at that time I charged them Rs 1,200 per hour. 5 minutes more and I would give them another additional hour's bill. Those were different times!

And then I evolved. So did my ego! From one karate dojo there were 43 branches in chennai city alone. I employed 13 instructors to help me. Then this grew to 554 branches all over the country and spread to 6 more countries.

And then one fine day in 1998, when I moved to the high profile field of security, I got cracked in the head ....... called my instuctors and gave all the branches to them. No more visits by me .... No more gradings .,,. No more classes!

Why should I go all the way .... If anyone is interested, let him / her come to me ... Where I teach! I'm not going anywhere!

The student has to travel ...... Wait .... Yearn for a class from the teacher. Not the otherway!

It was final. I'll teach only in my Besant nagar HQ. Any one.! Who ever it is! However big must come to me. And that's how it was for 17 years. Till today.

Having announced 'archery asylum' for the top students of mine .... A full time focused programne for being on the olympic quest ....... I was very sure u would grab the opportunity. What an idea. Everyone is up by 4 or earlier and in the archery field aptly called. 'archery asylum' by sharp 4-50 am. (I never sleep. Like today I'm here at 2-45 am writing this note to u.)

No one speaks, communicates to each other. Not even an eye contact with the other. The key is being in a trance .... Knowing the rituals .... Respects to mother / father and guru .... Meditation ... Self hypnosis. ... Warriors oath .... Jog or walk ... Warm ups .... Stretches .... Power exercises .... Stamina exercises .... And the entire series of 12 terraband workouts ..... Then the shooting mimic drill starts. And finally the shooting. 72 or 144 arrows.

Everyday a different kind of exercise ... Following the training formats of my teachers Pascal COLMAIRE of world archery and Kim sun bin of Korea. Another instructor from World Archery. The first 10 days we shot at close distances on an empty Butress to focus on the shooting form and the technique. From today we will be shooting on a target face and will start by 'breaking the existing national record in recurve and compound scores'. Yes we will be doing it. All of us. It's possible!

Right from day one u were conspicuous by ur absence. Very conspicuous!

Day two .... Three ... Four and ten. It was so painful to see such a talented archer ignoring the sessions. I wrote abt u in two updates on my FB page. There were some pathetic excuses as a response from u on sms. I recollect the first day u joined over four years ago. U were probably the first girl to be registered on the olympic programme. U had fire in ur belly and drive in your gait. I immediately told everyone that u are olympic material. U were in school then and used to come everyday from the north of the city to the south - Besant nagar for the classes. I remember how ur dad moved to the city just to bring you to the classes. U took active part in all seminars, workshops and national tournaments. In fact when the option came that u had to go abroad for college studies, I sat for 2 hours and counselled u not to. And then I personally spoke to the Stella Maris principal to give u a seat. U even took an easy course so that u could focus on archery. I can't forget how u begged your grandfather and friends and donated Rs 70,000 for the last. 'chennai archery nationals' when we were broke and in dire need. Not to mention that u as well as ur grandfather attended the national judges workshop at maharastra and became qualified archery judges. But now u had slowly been losing it out. Absence in the Sunday classes. Lack of form ... Excuses .... And now the total ignoring of the whole exercise of 'insane archery!'

I write this note as u are olympic material. U have all that it takes to break records. That's why I decided "if mohammed does not come to the mountain, the mountain will come to Mohamned!"

After the 10th class yesterday, I told u that I will come to college at 2 to train u. U instantly sent me an excuse that u have a doctor's appointment and can make it only at 3-30. I was not ready to give up and said. 'Come!'

I enjoyed the 3 hour workout yesterday at stella, replicating what we do here at the 'archery asylum!' The one to one was inspiring and u did really well. I'm going to come everyday ..... To ur college to train u ... Till u are embarrassed and start attending the morning sessions. It's not difficult Nishanthi. It's just a mind set. Get up at 4. Get ready in 10 minutes and start for class. From here u can go to college direct. It's hard work that makes Olympians. Total Sacrifice ... Insane dedication ... Life style change .... We are up against archers in tata academy and army sports institute who practise 12 hours a day with all facilities.

We must win.
The country must get a medal.
It's possible.
Do it for the country.
Do it for INDIA's pride.
Be patriotic.

It s like giving up one's life in war.

It's a national cause.

Do it Nishanthi!
You certainly can.

A CAKE FOR YOU DEAR MANIAN - January 16, 2014

January 16, 2014

Dear Manian!

With a cake ... Let's celebrate!

Unable to sleep.! Mind is in the field ... The magnetic call of the butress... The comfortable feel of the black strong metallic bow ... The reassuring quiver full of arrows ... The ritualistic loading, drawing & anchoring .... The cathartic release ... And the characteristic 'taat ' 'taat' 'taat' sounds of arrows hitting the target.

Turning and twisting in the single bed of my dream lab dying to be on the grounds. Haven't slept a wink.

A foolish alarm is going wild trying to wake me up every 5 minutes ... Unaware that I have not slept yet.

Should I go to the field right away and take away the opportunity of some archer planning to win the 'early bird cash award' or should I just take off and sleep?

My mind goes to Mr C.S. Manian. If he comes today ... It would be his 10th class in a row he has attended creating a record in his archery life since he joined us in 2006.

I wanna celebrate the event. By cutting a 'surprise' cake which I have already bought last night.

Something tells me Manian is out to prove this time that he is 'Medal material' and will end up this year as the archer with 'an unbroken attendance!'

Congrats Manian ... Here is a surprise cake for u.

Don't surprise me by being absent.


January 13, 2014



40 years of archery celebrations of Archery Association of India (AAI) organized by the delhi archery association.




Magically lit hot lantern balloons floating into the evening sky .... A Bunch of 40 colourful balloons soaring heavenwards ..... crackers bursting, unending series of rockets whizzing up and ending as blasts of stars .... A firework of red blazing titling '40 YEARS OF ARCHERY IN INDIA!' Burning away in the center field, a giant screen displaying a multi media presentation of the 40 year history of AAI and the people who toiled for it ........ A 40 year cake cut by none other than the hero of the entire arrangements and in 'apt coincidence' the birthday boy 'the swanky, stylish, dynamic treasurer of AAI and the president of Delhi archery association Mr. Virendra Sachdeva ....... in a well planned operation : boxes of cakes being given to every person in the audience by dozens of pretty girls ..... the eloquent, ever exuberant master of ceremonies Mr Kang of punjab archery describing the historic moment on the elaborate PA systems ... the gigantic and well decorated stage with the father of Indian archery Shri. Malhotra Ji seated packed with dignitaries, MLAs of all political parties led by Dr. Harsh Vardan, the leader of opposition in the delhi assembly and a galaxy of top VIPs, the Secretary General of AAI Shri Anil Kameneni running everywhere supervising the arrangements and giving directions .... the handsome assist secretary of AAI Gunjan Abrol fine tuning the flow of the packed and flawless programme .... the 40 years celebration of the Archery Association of India (AAI) was probably the best ever organized celebration of sports in any field in INDIA.

Memorable for life

Mind blowing to say the least.

The organizers had done so much that no other unit, state, association can ever replicate or outdo them for a long long time. While Virendra Sachdeva Ji has a 'gene' to surprise everyone with extraordinary arrangements, this one programme excelled every other show he ever organized and left archers, coaches, judges, AAI officials, presidents and secretaries of State units dumbstruck and breathless as they left the stadium.

Right from the lavish, comfortable rooms provided next to the venue at the international 'ginger hotels' with all buffet meals provided in the restaurant, to the 'smiling ever helpful' facilitators placed 24x7 in the reception, to the flocks of cars ever ready to ply anywhere in the city and the venue, to the venue of the grand event 'Yamuna sports complex' completely sporting balloons in every tree, lamppost, shrub, plant, pillar and projection ... to the entire area full of banners of archers, officials, patrons, guests and contributors to the growth of archery ..... to the totally different tents put up in the field for the archers, audience and director of shooting ..... to the well cut green grass in the archery field and the clean markings .... to the huge timers .... giant display LED screen projecting images of the entire tournament and function from six cameras ...... to the sheet covered chairs in the venue .... to the volunteers attending to your every need .... to the hygienic and five star tasty meals served at the food area ...... the excellent toilet arrangements .... the result office .... the walkie talkies communications .... every detail was taken care by the organizers.

Earlier in the day, the general body meet was crowded and another well managed affair. After the usual affairs of the meeting, every president, secretary of every state who contributed to the growth of archery was honoured and awarded with a well designed, heavy plaque mentioning their name and their contribution (well worded), a shawl and a clock. There were other mementoes and gifts galore ending up with a sumptuous lunch.

The most stunning gift that floored every one was of course the imaginative, unprecedented, costly sports Blazers for all AAI presidents and secretaries with the AAI logo richly embroidered in it. Wow!

How did u manage it guys??? so many people ... so many measurements.... so many blazers ......

Is the congress indian government listening?

They blocked funds to AAI and see where we are going. And what we are up to.

Hats off to our god father of indian archery Prof. Shri Malhotraji for making AAI and indian archery the most happening sports association in the world!

Hats off to our able and polished intellectual, the 'man with a vision and the right connections, our Secretary General Shri Anil Kameneni for his tireless efforts in keeping our olympic hopes on the right track!

Hats off (literally to the man who dons many hats) to the most dynamic, creative, imaginative, bold, powerful and down to earth treasurer of the AAI - our guruji Shri Virendra Sachdevaji for masterminding, financing and executing the most successful ever event in the history of archery in India 'the 40 years celebration'. It coincided with his 40 th year birthday. "The future of archery in india is safe with people like u in the helm of affairs sir!"

Hats off to our most knowledgeable and able assist secretary of AAI Shri Gunjan Abrol without whom AAI would be a rudderless boat in the sea. Gunjan is a rare combination of looks and brains. Thank you Gunjan for your tireless efforts in the everyday affairs of archery in india and the every hour efforts in this event.

Every man, woman and child who contributed to the growth of archery in india was remembered, mentioned and honoured. If someone was not there, it was their choice and decision.

Happy birthday Indian Archery!

Happy birthday AAI!

Happy birthday hero - Virendra Sachdeva!

I was so very very proud to be part of this mega event and honoured.

World Archery ! Are you watching?

Jai Hind!

- HU

RYTHM IN INSANITY! - January 7, 2014

January 7, 2014



Day 2 at club insanity : More fun ... More learning.

Manian surprises me with his second appearance. His best continuous attendance record in two years.

Vishaal and Aksheiya the brother sister duo land unannounced. They had in fact got perm' for absence. Sticking to each other and constantly whispering ... Think it will take more time for them to arrive at 'disciplined lunacy!'. Not to talk of the constant interactions of Aksheiya with her father who was trying hard to get my attention for a good morning 'wish!'

The attendance increased with 14 'insane' archers in the asylum.

Solai didn't keep his word of starting practise at 4, but left at 6. Yazarafath was a treat to watch with his terraband shots ringing like gunfire.

Sumathy is hard to reform. She just has to speak something to me. She did!

Mahati persists in her enthusiasm. Akshay was meditative in his entire session. As usual!

Selva as usual interjects with pleas for the mission keys to use Aruna's bow.

Still waiting for Aruna to wake up. Will she? Won't she? .... Ever. Maybe never.

Nishanti still ignores the 'movement!'

Acchu ... Where are u my mad son?

Realized a bio RYTHM setting in.

Developed an idiosyncratic shuffling of feet and stabilising the stance with 'dog scratches the ground - like movements' before taking a stance before every shot. It became rhythmic and helped every shot. The picking of every arrow from the quiver with RYTHM, lifting it into the sky with arm extended, nocking it into the string with a click, locking the releaser claws into the d-loop, resting the lower end of the bow on the right knee and looking at a right angle into a tree pod for mind relaxation, sharply turning and gazing into the target butress, raising, drawing the bow, aiming for a long 8 seconds thru the scope and making sure the sighter center dot has stabilized, and then releasing the arrow with a tug at the releaser and watching the hazy whizz of your arrow dart into the Butress like lightening ..... It all starts creating an amazing bio RYTHM.

The RYTHM gets into the mind. The RYTHM hits your soul. The RYTHM becomes you. And the RYTHM lingers into the day.

The RYTHM of madness.

Coping! Enjoying! Yearning for more.

METHODIC MADNESS! - January 6, 2014

January 6, 2014

Welcome to club insanity!


Exciting is an understatement. As I drove into the kalakshetra playground at sharp 4-50 am, was surprised to find 5 archers already there. Was floored that the first to arrive was little 'Mahati!'

When was the last time a six year old was up and in the play field at 4-50? Good start to childhood insanity.

Told the 10 of them who had gathered that the key for the experiment in insanity was 'No instructions! No interruptions! No communications of any sort'. A mad person does not confirm to normalities. Enveloped in a tranced world of his / her own the mad nuts know what they are doing. Theirs is an agenda no one can disturb.

"Let's try doing on our own what we know must be done!" I told them.

"No one speaks to the other or must react to the world around. "And then Methodic madness took over. The rituals of respect, meditation, self hypnosis, oath taking, warm ups, stretches, power workouts, stamina punching, terraband drills .... Each to their own .... In their own corner of the field.

It did look like a mental asylum backyard neverthe less with each one surreptitiously eying the other to see what the other was up to.

It was dark and many wondered how they would shoot. 5 am in January is dark. The rule was not to use any target sheets. Aiming would be a distraction I told them. The first ten days would be ritualistic pumping of arrows in the Butress till groupings became the rule even with closed eyes.

It was truly exciting. Ten of us shooting in the dark with the neon street light giving some aid ..... at buttresses with the morning silences interrupted by the 'taat' 'taat' sounds of arrows delivered by Hoyt, Win&Win recurves and compounds. Not to talk abt two missed arrows from manian's bow hitting a metal shutter and piercing it with loud 'clangs!'

No warning and signal whistles. Everyone just knew when to start / stop shooting and when to retrieve arrows.

Every 36 arrows one could take short breaks I had informed.

There were avoidable interruptions to the 'divine trance' of course. Latecomers like solai coming and apologising and unsuspecting parents venturing to wish 'good mornings!'

Yazarafath and Yasmeen the archery couple came and wanted permission to go and 'cut / fletch' arrows. At 6 am the streetlights were switched off and the area was plunged in darkness. I knew the archers froze not knowing how to proceed. But when I continued shooting ... Everybody shot in the dark. In ten minutes it suddenly dawned without warning and there was magical light filling the field.

Could not complete 144 shots by 7 am.

I leisurely shot 87 arrows.

Sumathy did her own part of disturbing with a generous cup of tea towards the end.

At 7-05, stopped the insane group for a review.

12 insane archers had come. 10 shot.

Aksheiya and Nishanthi gave 'dumb' excuses. Who cares?

Their loss.

No communications from Vignesh & Vishaal!

Kuldeep is on a train to chennai.

Aruna will never make it in mornings says my intuitions.

Gave directions for the group for terraband shooting of 144 Arrows during the day ( need to review how possible that was ) and another round of 144 arrows at their 'home buttresses!' In the evening / night.

I wish the madness gets infectious and soon Tamilnadu is full of insane archers with a Methodic lunacy of the olympic medal quest.

'Insanity is sure a terrific virtue !'


June 27, 2013

Dear Shri Virendra Sachdevaji,

I have returned safe to Chennaiafter NRAT-3, New Delhi with fresh and lingering memories of the amazing show you put up at Delhi.

I was witness to an event that will truly match any international archery event in the most developed country in the world and no words would equal the true appreciation I wish to expresson my experiences there.

It is obvious that an herculean effort and sound management principles have been put to play in the preparations for the event.

While the whole credit goes to youas a one man army, I also must appreciate the band of able workers you had at your disposal who were swayed by your personal charm and charisma and worked ceaselessly to make this eventmost memorable for archers, technical officials, coaches, visiting administrators, media persons as well as the relatives of archers and the public at large.

Right from the designing of bannersand flex boards that were prominently displayed in pivotal parts of the venue, the excellent pick up and drop arrangements in air-conditioned buses and cars, to welcome kits with info, to a superbly designed T-shirts to all archers, officials and volunteers; to tasty buffets in star hotels to all, tokens for quenching thirst at the venue, non stop supply of packaged water at thevenue to all, to the flawless arrangements at the feild, quality buttresses, perfect logistics, a gigantic stage, well designed flex banners at the venue encouraging deserving archers, a mind boggling total of cash awards to the winning archers, world class timers and a mega giant screen at venue with multiple cameras and stunning buzzers, logo embroidered in kerchiefs, sleek looking plaques awarded to officials and patrons, novel dividers with framed flexes to line the way of the archers entry, every chair in the venue dressed up with posh covers, volunteers scurrying every where to help anyone who need edit, well timed programme on the stage, short and sweet speeches delivered, the one minute silence for the victims of the 'Himalayan Tsunami', well chosen music played in a superb PA system, doctors and medical help at call, great arrangements for administrative work, speedy printouts of results and a well conducted Executive committee meet......... every minute detail was well thought of and executed with 駘an, style and professionalism.

Dear Sachdeva ji, the organizing of the NRAT 3 has raised the bar on our archery management skills of the AAI under the able guidance and mentorship of Shri Malhotraji and has made the pillars of our organization very strong.

I take it as my duty as a guest who observed this, was a recipient of the wonderful hospitality and as part of this magnificient organization to thank the delhi archery association, all the office bearers, administrators, archers, coaches and parents of the coaches who made this happen under your able leadership.

I also thank you on behalf of The Archery Association of Tamilnadu (TAAT) for providing us leadership in excellence.

Thank you Shri Sachdevaji for your commitment to our common cause of Archery.

Yours truly,

Shihan Hussaini (HU)


General Secretary,
The Archery Association of Tamilnadu (TAAT).

Tamil Nadu to host the 33rd Sahara Recurve, Compound and Para Archery National Championships - December 12, 2012

December 12, 2012

Dear Indian Archery family,

We are extremely happy that our most hon' president and the God father of Indian Archery Prof. VK Malhotra Ji has given Tamil Nadu the chance to host the 33rd Sahara Recurve, Compound and Para Archery National Championships from 26th Dec to 31st Dec 2012.

My state president Shri S. Balaubramaniam Adityan had given me an affectionate order when he took over as president that our first task must be to bring the Nationals to Chennai.

It was a "great directive in the right direction" as Tamil Nadu has never witnessed an Archery Nationals ever and it is extremely important that the young and inexperienced Archers of the state need to be motivated by the enormity of the scale of a National Championship.

I must thank Shri Virendra Sachdeva Ji who reposed so much faith in TAAT and me, and made this dream of ours happen!

Shri Anil Kameneni Ji and Shri Gunjan Ji have as usual been great pillars of strength in all our preparations.

I thank them and several experienced Secretaries and Coaches of several state associations as well as several Olympian Archers who have been voluntarily calling and giving suggestions, advising and morally supporting TAAT in the organizing of our maiden nationals.

Our greatest difficulty started with our venue as Tamil Nadu and Chennai have no grounds large enough to hold a Senior Archery Nationals. Our great desire to hold the finals in a public place, the Marina or Besant Nagar Beach to make Archery spectator friendly also had its own hurdles with Supreme Court stays against having any show on the beaches.

The concern that on New Year's Eve, the crowds will be huge and the fear by officials that a stray arrow hitting someone might prove disastrous have created several impediments. There are challenges of shifting venues and materials too.

We have finally fixed Anna University Sports Grounds, Guindy, Chennai as the best available venue.

We still hope that we should resolve to hold the finals on the beach.

As far as the accommodations are concerned, we are providing hotel rooms for all so that your stay will be as comfortable as possible.

All hotels will be near the Chennai Central Railway Station in the midst of the city and on triple sharing basis per room.

We wish to take the Archery family on a sight seeing picnic on the 31st to a few important places in Chennai and then end up with a NEW YEAR PARTY hosted by us.

It would be fun for the whole Indian Archery fraternity to party together!

We have composed a "theme song" for the event and it promises to be on everyone's lips and a major hit.

We are planning to have short entertainment events every evening after the shooting gets over. So we request everyone to stay back. And yes, "NO ONE GOES BACK EMPTY HANDED".

We are going to give "very special participation mementoes" to all participants. So special that you will really be proud to take it home.


We are also going to make sure photos are taken of every single participant and you can down load it from our site.

We feel that Archery's status has to be elevated to a "spectator sport" and that people must pay to witness it.

So for the very first time in the history of the sport in India, audiences will have to buy tickets for the event and we are confident that we will be a "SELL OUT!"

For the contestants who always want to practise., we will provide another field nearby with at least 40 target butts. You can practise here from 6 AM to 6 PM everyday during the championships.

I thank all my Archers and Volunteers who are spending days and nights toiling hard to plan and execute this Nationals. The Tamil Nadu team of Archers have no time to practise seriously as all are involved in the preparations. We are not hoping / aspiring for any medals. We just want to be perfect hosts.

We really want to make this Championships most memorable for all of you.

Olympics 2016 - "AMMA CAN!" is our tag line.

Under the inspiring leadership of our most adored and sports loving Chief Minister "AMMA", Tamil Nadu is on the Road to the Rio Olympics - 2016!

Don't be surprised if Tamil Nadu Archers make it to the next Olympics!

It's an "All out Medal Mission in Archery" - AMMA.

CAN - Chennai Archery Nationals.

Welcome to Chennai!

Lets all have a great time together.

Hu Hussaini
Event Architect
Founder and General Secretary
The Archery Association of Tamil Nadu

LETS HUG EACH OTHER AND CALL OURSELVES BROTHERS - another letter to my archery brothers! - November 10, 2012

LETS HUG EACH OTHER AND CALL OURSELVES BROTHERS - another letter to my archery brothers!
November 10, 2012

Dear Archery family,

This is HU Hussaini, Shihan Hussaini, Syed Ali Hussaini. Founding General Secretary of The Archery Association of Tamil Nadu (TAAT)

...This is to thank each one of you who have contributed their time and energy to retain the leadership of our Indian "God father of Archery" Shri. Prof. Malhotra Ji and his "iron natured team" back with a resounding victory in the just concluded elections.

I call it "IRON TEAM" as it is impossible to break them. Both in loyalty to Shri Malhotra and to the virtue of "unity".

Now nothing in this planet can stop this team from making India the No. 1 Archery nation in the world.

There is lot that the sporting community in India, National Sports Federations, and Sports People will learn from the visionary leadership of Shri Malhotra Ji and his team, post this election.

The first thing they will learn is "COURAGE AND CONVICTION OF ONE'S VALUES!"

Now is the time to truly leave the bitter, acrimonious and at many times painful past and focus on UNITY, INTEGRITY AND COMPETITIVE EXCELLENCE!

Now is the time to truly apply the "balm" of love and affection to each other.

The victorious shall pledge never to victimise the vanquished and the "not victorious" shall pledge to forget the past and not continue their "enmity" and "vengeance" and look for any and every opportunity to "stab" back.

It is natural for people to say and do things in an emotionally charged atmosphere.

It's the job of the FATHER to intervene and hug the whole family and order truce. A truce built on love and the concept of "family" in india.

It is a commendable Godfather's orders to the family to bring back the "brotherhood" back into the AAI family. We passed thru a terrible time when brothers avoided each other and suspicion and discomfort were the devils possessing us. We could have avoided this. Like our hon general secretary wrote "consensus and elections are both part of the democratic process". Consensus is commendable as elections are fraught with "confrontations" and leave a bitter taste in the mouth when it's over.

As the first step, let me obey the orders of my leadership.

I genuinely regret for anything I might have thought, said, written, mailed and debated about anyone from any part of this country in the Archery family. It is human to err and divine to forgive! Here is an opportunity for some of us to get divine in forgivance!

This is not lip service!

I truly mean ever word of what I say!

I am a humble soilder of Shri Malhotra and his team and while I am following their orders in thought and action to mend fences, I "personally" also genuinely regret confrontation. I hold an 8th degree black belt in Isshinryu Karate and know only too well that the greatest weapon of a samurai is LOVE and PEACE!

Dear Friends, while the elections divided the house and and created a small fissure, this is the right time to forge unity and a tightness none can match.

Yes. Like in any family. Some children may have certain misgivings, there are loving and respectful ways of conveying it to the FATHER. Not by puffing our chest up and daring our elders!

In my Archery Academy (HU Archery Mission, the first lesson that is taught is "the firm belief that blessings from MATHA, PITHA, GURU and GOD can take you anywhere". If you Touch the feet of your father, mother, guru and god and ask anything, it will be given.

Please log into "YouTube" and search "Shihan Hussaini's world records" and watch my unbelievable human endurance world records. As you gasp in disbelief, Please let me reveal the secret of how I did them all. It's simple!


I give prime most respect to them.

Now let me go direct !

Dear Mr Rao,

I truly regret the bitterness, the emotional choice of words, the angry statements from my side in the thick of our confrontation.

Shri Malhotra Ji has admonished me enough for it and I am prepared to accept any punishment he may give me for this. I unconditionally withdraw anything that might have hurt you from my side. I extend my hands to you as a younger brother who has done a mistake and has been ordered by the FATHER to apologise.

When you next meet me I wish you give me a genuine hug as an elder brother and give me a pat on My back.

This is what our leaders want. You raised a point of debate Consensus Vs Election?

The archery family and the world at large now know for good that the consensus under a great leader is more preferred to confrontation by election.


I request you now brother Rao that your energy and drive should be directed towards strengthening the hands of our god father Shri Malhotra Ji; our brother Shri Anil Kamineni, our foot solider Shri Virendra Sachdeva and all our elected leaders.

Now let's all of us get ready to travel on the Archery ROAD TO RIO - OLYMPICS - 2016!

There is so much work to do. TOGETHER!

I am at your disposal in your effort.

Heart and soul

- HU.


November 5, 2012

Dear Archery family,

I am HU. Also known as Hussaini, Shihan Hussaini and Syed Ali Hussaini. The founding General Secretary of The Archery Association of Tamil Nadu (TAAT).

I am one among the people who received a copy of the mail that Shri Rao sent as a reply to a private mail sent by the secretary general designee to him.

...I am not really surprised that Shri Rao made a private communication public as I infer that Mr. Rao thrives on publicity and only publicity! Both in an atrocious fight and in an apparently crippling, humiliating defeat.

And since this is in the public domain and I am unwillingly involved, I am forced to comment. With the least inhibition as the self appointed spokesperson of a united AAI.

Not very long ago, I was privy along with the Kerala General Secretary, to a direct confrontation between the same Mr Rao and Mr Anil Kameneni at the reception of Habitat center in New Delhi.

I was absolutely taken aback by two things prima facie.

The venom that Mr Rao spat acrimoniously and the total cool with which Mr Kameneni countered everything.

Dr Joris and I were wriggling in our seats in discomfiture!

While I wanted to counter every thing that Mr Rao uttered, I kept quiet as Mr Kameneni was doing a great job himself in his own gentlemanly way.

But since Mr Rao is bringing private exchanges in public, I am tempted to comment.

And I request all of you who belong to this united family of archery to take this as an opportunity to THINK WELL and become more closely knit and never allow, ever again another man like Shri Rao to make a repeat crime of "Trying" to create a fissure amidst us and a mockery of the courts by using them for personal promotion.

Dear Mr Rao,

Since you made us a witness to your spat, I take it upon myself as my justified right to ask you a few questions.

1) you are going to town talkin about your "great" contribution to Archery several decades ago. What ever little part you played, Did you do it as a paid job as a Paid govt servant or as a FREE SERVICE to Archery?

2) after you moved from your govt assignment, till date, what did you do for archery? In what way have you helped a single archer? How much funds from your handsome salary as an IAS officer did you ever contribute for archery in India or a single archer? How many bows did you gift our elite archers from your pocket?

3) Where on earth were you when Shri Malhotra, single handedly built this AAI from nothing to the most well known sports organization in India? How come you suddenly descended on the scene after Ajay Maken, the stupidest sports minister ever in the history of India started advocating a stupid Stupid sports code that "Experienced and knowledgable people" must quit and give room to immature morons.

Sad. He himself was shunted out of sports as he was a major embarrassment to his prime minister and his own aging leaders.

What a sad comedy!

I am forced to beleive that you probably are a protege of Ajay Maken himself and a pawn in his hands to fulfill his evil political designs.

4) I am shell shocked that an averagely "intelligent" IAS officer can ask a question like & I quote you ..... "As we all know the Archery Community has given 40 years of uninterrupted leadership to Mr. Malhotra". How long do you need him to lead Indian Archery? There is no one amongst one billion Indians to replace him?

Will you ask the same question of your father if he is alive and crossing 70?

Like no one amongst one billion Indians can replace your mother, father and a Guru (if you have one); no one can replace SHRI MALHOTRA JI. Not only in this country but in this entire world.

And certainly not you "Mr Rao".

Even in another billion years.

"Certainly not YOU!"

This is the biggest joke if not an advanced state of self - megalomaniacal Delusion!

I won't be surprised if Ajay and you jointly issue a statement saying "how long can we have Mahatma as the father of this nation? IS THERE NO ONE IN THIS ONE BILLION INDIANS TO REPLACE THE MAHATMA?"

5) I was terribly taken aback with your open threat to Shri Anil kamenini that day. I reproduce it for the benefit of people who were not there. In a cool and dramatically "villian like" voice you said "Look anil, if I am nominated as the general secretary by Mr Malhotra, then I will take Archery to the greatest heights. If not, I am telling you Anil, you are going to spend the rest of your term climbing the stairs of courts, answering my questions. This was not just a threat. It was a clear case of open BLACKMAIL.

You never challenged Mr Anil to a "democratic" election. You simply announced "GIVE ME THE SECRETARY GENERAL POST OR I WILL FIGHT MALHOTRA!"

You really are a sad man Mr Rao and must be behind bars, not fighting an election.

6) To top it all, you looked at me and said "Hussaini, you touch your heart and vote. You are going to "vote" only because of me! I fought your case in the court and got your confirmed affiliation in the AAI which they were denying you for several years.

This is another joke. A REAL BIG JOKE!

In the first place, if Tamil Nadu was denied an affiliation for so many years, WHERE ON EARTH WERE "YOU" FOR SO MANY YEARS?


How come your sudden affection for Tamil Nadu?

The answer is too obvious. You were trying to fish in troubled waters.

The truth is Tamil Nadu never had any issue with AAI.

We were given provisional affiliation after our credentials were studied and as per rules, we were on our way to certain confirmation in a month or two.

The simple question is: "if Tamil Nadu was wronged, how did AAI give Tamil Nadu, the Senior Nationals for this year.

Tamil Nadu is happy with AAI and absolutely strong behind the leadership and life long presidentship of Shri Malhotra.

Third persons will do well to "MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESSES!"

Now let's come to the questions you asked Shri Kameneni. I have a right to answer as you sent Me as well as others a copy and made the debate PUBLIC!

1. Who will fund the training of our Elite Archers?

Commited secretary generals like me, and presidents of state associations, who have spent crores from their pockets and thru efforts with our state govt and private corporate sponsors.


2) Who will give the World class equipment to our elite archers? What is your plan if the Government withdraws custom duty exemption to import of Archery equipment?

You and I know very well that 85% of the Archery equipment you see In the field was bought by the Archers themselves. Most 'Elite' Archers are quite capable of taking care of themselves! They have lots at stake - jobs, awards, cash benefits, etc.,

If you could go to court and get favourable orders for every small "slip" anyone had inadvertently made, I am sure we are capable to go to court if Govt withdraws custom duty exemption. GOVT WON'T DO IT. WE WON'T LET THE GOVT DO IT (even if you try hard after losing the elections).

3. What is your answer if Indian Railways withdraws the support of Rail concession to our Archery teams, if AAI gets Derecognized?

First, derecognition, stoppage of funds, stoppage of railway concessions, are all imaginary fears spun by a deranged mind at the verge of losing an election. Why do you think that the world is going to end if you are not elected as the president? Let's first see if this present govt wins the next parliamentary elections? Have you thought what will happen if Shri Malhotra Ji and his party win the next elections and he gets a cabinet berth of say, the SPORTS MINISTER?

Think positive Mr Rao.

Alternately if "you" do convince the govt with your "democratic" ways and your "court resorts" to stop railway concessions, state govts and state sports bodies are capable of compensating the Archers. We will also bring media pressure "thru" agitations to revert such stupid decisions.

4. Who will provide jobs to our Archers? Except few jobs in private sector, most of our Archers are employed by Public Sector like Railways, Armed Forces, Police and Public Sector Companies. Do you think they will continue to employ Archers based on certificates issued by a derecognized Federation?

The AAI will be the most respected and valued association under the stewardship of Prof Shri Malhotra Ji, with or without anyone's recognition and intervention.

Please remember that the biggest financial contribution to Archery till date was thru a corporate sponsor. Today corporates are charting the financial destiny of this nation and are employing more people than any govt enterprise. If an insane govt does get more Insane and stops providing jobs, WHICH WILL NEVER HAPPEN AS YOU MAY WANT TO, trust me, it will be the biggest gain for corporates who will jump at our "Elite" Archers and employ them. I will take this as my personal mission to place our Elite Archers at elite jobs with corporates if my President Shri Malhotra Ji orders me to.

Now Dear Mr Rao,

If you next say that it will "stop raining"; "the birds will drop dead and fall from the sky" ... "The oceans will dry up" ...... "the earth will open up and gobble all Elite Archers" and "dinosaurs will appear again and eat up archery buttresses" - IF YOU ARE NOT ELECTED AS PRESIDENT, then no one but a good psychiatrist can help you.

I shall request our kind and generous treasurer Shri Sachdeva Ji to fund your treatment and I shall also chip in. We are friends after all!

Yes and if my president Shri Malhotra Ji gives me permission I would like to challenge you to a one on one open debate, anywhere, anytime, in private, in an public platform or in front of the country's media. "AND THEN YOU MAY HAVE TO PACK UP, LOCK STOCK AND BARREL FROM ANY ACTIVITY, LEAVE ALONE SPORTS AND SEEK REFUGE IN THE HIMALAYAS FOR RETIREMENT FROM LIFE!"

Dear Archery family,

Please understand that we have been a united family under the leadership of the most clean, selfless, strong and visionary leader. And we will continue to.

We have conducted 32 Senior Nationals without a hitch plus Equal no of junior, subjunior and mini and now para nationals too. We have won innumerable medals in grand prix, Asian, CommonWealth, World championships and have qualified for the Olympics several times. The day is not far away when we will be on the RIGHT ROAD TO RIO - the Olympics 2016 and win medals in RIO DE JANERIO.

The ENTIRE credit goes to Shri Malhotra and his capable team. It's our duty to stand behind him NOW.

This is the way we need to show our gratitude to him. THAT HE IS GOING TO WIN THIS ELECTIONS HANDS DOWN is well known.

My appeal is to each one of you to not give a "SINGLE" vote to selfishness, to grandiose delusion, to ingratitude and evil viciousness.

Even a single vote to MR Rao is an affront to righteousness.

It's my fervent appeal to the one or two misguided souls who have made an error of judgement to change their minds and put their MIGHT behind THE RIGHT President.

Our president is and will always be SHRI. PROF. V.K. MALHOTRA JI and his team.


"We don't change our Gods and we can't change our Fathers!"


NB: Dear friends, please pass on this mail to others I could not reach and if anyone can translate it into Hindi and forward it, I shall be most grateful to them.


- HU Hussaini.


November 1, 2012

Hi, this is HU. I am also known as Shihan Hussaini, Syed Ali Hussaini and Syed Ali Murtuza Hussaini. Founding general secretary of The Archery Association of Tamil Nadu (TAAT).

I wish to narrate a small incident from my life.

My father, an eminent professor of history who has authored over 20 books married my mother very late in life and I was born when he was 56 years old. I have 4 sisters and 1 brother. He worked hard, really hard to bring us all up. In good times and in bad. He taught us several things that we never knew about earlier. He built my house in Madurai, brick by brick with his hard work and toiled hard to see it did not leak. He took very good care of my family, when ever we had fights amongst us his word was final. We always respected his word. Sometimes I felt he was supporting my younger brother and he was getting more of his affection. But much later I used to realise there was always some reason behind it. He always used to be partial to my sisters and my younger brother. Much later I realised it was all for my benefit. He wanted me to be stronger. To survive on my own.

We never knew how much he earned or how much we spent. We never needed to. As everything was a product of his hard work, we were all a very happy family till a man called "Vijay Baken" took over as leader of the land we were living in. Baken himself had a father who was above 80 years old.

This man was very jealous of our house as we had so much peace, unity and joy in our house.

He made an announcement that he was just 45 years old and that any father's who was old and above 70 need to leave their house and make younger people as fathers.

My father was shocked, so were several fathers in our vicinity. We all supported our father and told "Vijay Baken" to go to hell.

Vijay Baken was very angry. He made an announcement that any family who kept their elderly fathers at home will be penalised. Water and electricity would be cut for their houses. Many houses got scared. They reluctantly told their fathers to leave. But my father was strong. So were we. We were always on our own all these years, we decided that we will dig a bore well and get water. We would have solar panels for electricity. We were strong and we were unified.

Vijay Baken shook with rage. He now announced that houses that chased away their fathers will get lots of money, and many gifts.

We were unshaken. We are a family. He was our father. No money can tempt us. We were strong.

Vijay Baken then devised a plan. He met a long lost cousin of ours called "Ramu" and poisoned his mind. Ramu was a nice man and lived in our house many years ago. We were all nice to him and he was also good to us. Vijay Baken told him that it was his holy duty to clean up our house. He told him to take over as father of our house. He tempted him to move back into our house and slowly break it up. Ramu suddenly returned to our house and we were all very happy about it.

He slowly stated his work as devised by "Vijay Baken". First he told my dad if he could take my personal room in which I had stored all my personal stuff i had bought with my hard work and sweat.

My dad told him to first stay in the guest room as he had just come back. Slowly as time went on we will allot a room for him.

"No" screamed Ramu. I want HU's room or else I wish to fight you. "Win me in a battle", he challenged!

We all tried to reason it out with him. We cannot have "another father" and we do not want a fight in this house.

"Nonsense" bellowed Ramu! This is a democracy. Fatherhood must be decided only with the outcome of a fight. Plus if I win, my friend "Vijay Baken" will give you all lots of cash and goodies.

We protested ... we resisted. "This is not the right time to fight... we are surviving with self respect without any assistance from the evil leader Baken. Fighting our father is like stabbing on his back while he is already waging a duel with evil Baken. But he refused to listen. "I want HU's favourite room or I will fight your Father!"

"I want to be your Father. I want to clean up your house. I want to get you cash and goodies From "Baken". I promise you the world and beyond!!!!"

Dear Archery family,

Shri Malhotra is the father of this house of Archery. He has been our father ever since we were born. He created us. Whatever we are today, it's due to his hard work and vision. The fact that someone is challenging our father is an insult to each one of us. No father in the world is sent out because he grows older. No father can be exchanged for another. No worthy son can ever watch his father being challenged by a cousin.

No leader of any land has a right to ruin the peace of our home.

This is the time we show the world who we are! this is the time to demonstrate our unity to the world. This is the time we should set an example to all other houses that The father is not a dispensable napkin we throw after use. Let be an example to the world.






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