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"The official state body of Tamil Nadu Archery!"

Only State Archery body recognized by and affiliated to:

Tamil Nadu Olympic Association (TNOA) and Archery Association of India (AAI)
(TNOA is the only body recognized by Indian Olympic Association (IOA) and
AAI is the only body recognized by World Archery (WA))


The Tamil Nadu Archery Equipments Safety Registry (TAESR)

The Tamil Nadu Archery Equipments Safety Registry (TAESR), is a registry, authorized by The Archery Association of Tamil Nadu (TAAT) to register all genuine practioners of archery for sports and to prevent the misuse of the bow and arrow for other purposes. It is a safety and control mechanism pioneered by the TAAT to make sure, the popularity of archery engineered by the massive public campaigns of TAAT does not become counter productive, leading to all and sundry having a bow and arrows, shooting in public places without safety precautions and causing alarm and danger to the public.

It is also a mechanism to make available to the law and order authorities a detailed list of all people in the state having bows and arrows and to effectively curb anti-socials possessing them.

It is an initiative to regulate dealers from selling bows and arrows to minors and members of the public without verifying their credentials.

TAAT is the first state body in the country to create this self-regulatory mechanism with the appreciation of AAI and efforts are on to introduce this system soon in all other states.

Why The Tamil Nadu Archery Equipment Safety Registry (TAESR)?

  • The bow and arrow is an extremely dangerous equipment if it falls in the hands of anti-social elements.
  • The bow and arrow has killed more humans in the history of the world, than all the victims of the two world wars; including the two nuclear bombings put together!
  • The bow has more effective 'killing potential' than the gun as it is totally silent while using and a preferred weapon for anti-socials!
  • The bow and arrow can be shot from behind barriers without exposing oneself with efficacy and difficult to counter!
  • The 'stripped-down' components of a bow can easily pass security checks as they have no metal components and can be a huge security threat!
  • With the surge of interest in archery as an Olympic discipline by schools and colleges, and the mushrooming of archers, with the dynamic campaigning and promotion projects of TAAT, it will become impossible to regulate and control the misuse of archery equipment if proper checks and balances are not in place.
  • There is a big threat of an accidental arrow by an unsupervised archer killing a by-stander by accident if archery equipment is available to one and all without checks and balances!
  • The modern bows available freely in the market are extremely powerful and have an effective killing range of over 100 meters, thus making it more lethal than small firearms!

The TAESR will do the following:

  • Register all archery equipment acquired in the state of Tamil Nadu by any individual, club or institution and this information will be available online in the registry's web page!
  • A unique id with a hologram of TAAT and bar coding will be permanantly pasted on the bow and this will be assigned to the owner. The id and barcode's corresponding details will be available with the registry and this data will be available to 'law and order' authorities.
  • The nearest police station from the residential address of the archer will be contacted and the crime record of the owner will be checked! No person with a crime record will be allowed to own any archery equipment.
  • The TAESR will take steps to register all archery dealers with the weapons' registry and ensure that they inform the TAESR of details of anyone acquiring bows and other archery equipment.
  • Through TAAT, the TAESR will ensure, that the archers buying equipment from registered dealers are duly registered with appropriate shooting club ranges and their activities are supervised. Members suspected of misusing or not using the archery equipment, or exposing the equipment to misuse, will be reported to the TAESR, and their licences to use the bow will be revoked!
  • Archers whose equipment are not registered with the TAESR will be reported to the police for further action.
  • All archers whose equipment are registered with the TAESR will be under the surveillance of 'area-inspectors' and any archer absenting himself from regular shooting practice or against whom adverse complaints have been filed, will be advised to surrender his bow to the District Association general secretary who will dis-enable the bow by taking the upper limb in which the special id mark is pasted, and the string, will seal it in a packet, deposit it with TAESR which will give a receipt and hold it in its armoury for safe-keeping.
  • Once a bow is disabled, the equipment can be enabled by TAESR again after a letter is given by the archer with an undertaking for regularity to the District Association and the District Association gives a written release order.
  • If the bow is disabled two times, it can be enabled only after an enquiry is held by the state safety committee of TAAT and permission is given for a third enablement. Subsequent disenablements will result in the seizure of the entire archery equipment and deposit will be done with the State Association till further enquiry and decisions by the discipline committee of TAAT.
  • The TAESR will conduct bi-annual checks of registered archers through the 'area-inspectors' for regularity and good behavior in the shooting ranges. If any complaint or adverse remark is given by the area inspectors, the bow will be disabled by the club/institution/range and deposited to the State Association.
  • The TAESR will reissue licenses every year.
  • The TAESR will update all data of registered archers online.

How to register with TAESR?

  • All Archers and Archery Equipment dealers, please contact your District Association which is affiliated to the TAAT and make an application in the form available with them.
  • Pay the annual TAAT Archery Equipment Registration fee of Rs. 10/- for all Indian Bows and Rs. 15/- for all other Bows and Rs. 75/- for Dealers (the fees have been made very nominal to encourage voluntary registrations) and the 'Area-Inspection' fee (as fixed by your District Association based on the area you live and tracking charges plus handling charges for sending and receiving your unit from the central registry).
  • li>Physically produce your bow to the district 'area-inspector' who will photograph the unit and send the lower limb with a report to the central registry at Chennai.
  • The limb will be returned to you within 10 working days with an identity hologram and bar code permanently pasted on it.
  • You will receive an plastic photo identity card issued by the central registry valid for one year.
  • The nearest police station from your residence will be intimated about your possession of the bow and all your details will be available to them.
  • Your registration has to be renewed every year failing which your bow will be deactivated.

TAAT hereby directs all Archers, Archery Equipment dealers, Clubs, Schools and the Public who own bows and arrows to voluntarily REGISTER IMMEDIATELY with 'TAESR' taking into account the logic of the move for the safety of both archers as well as the public. Owning bows without registration will be termed as unsafe and detrimental to public safety and TAAT will inform the police and other authorities of the same. It will then be the responsibility of the police and district administration to take legal action against such people.

While in future, no archer will be allowed to participate in the district or state competitions conducted by TAAT without a valid registration, we have decided not to enforce it now as there is too much of administrative work involved and we are involved in the gigantic work of the 33rd Senior Nationals in Chennai. It will be enforced after the state and the national championships are over, and after all apprehensions of all archers are removed that there are other motives.

However, we will encourage any archer who willingly wants to register his equipment to do so in the interest of public safety.

The last date for closing registrations is 1st November 2012.

Registrations will open from 1st January 2013 again with a revised fee.

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