The Archery Association of Tamil Nadu (TAAT)




"The official state body of Tamil Nadu Archery!"

Only State Archery body recognized by and affiliated to:

Tamil Nadu Olympic Association (TNOA) and Archery Association of India (AAI)
(TNOA is the only body recognized by Indian Olympic Association (IOA) and
AAI is the only body recognized by World Archery (WA))

8th Tamil Nadu State Archery Championships

3rd and 4th October 2015
Archery Field, Dr. MGR Janaki College of Arts and Science, Adyar, Chennai.

The Archery Association of Tamilnadu (TAAT) welcomes Archers (with TAAT registration) to register for the 8th State Archery Championships.

  1. Fee for participation in each category is Rs.950/-.

  2. An Archer can participate in a maximum of two categories.

  3. Registration will open from 25th August 2015 and closes on 20th September 2015.

  4. Any late registration will be accepted till 25th September with a fine of Rs.250/- and under the approval of the General Secretary of TAAT. However registrations beyond 25th September 2015, 6 PM will not be accepted.

  5. Please send in your registrations by filling up this form and send it to REGISTRATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED ONLY THROUGH EMAIL.

  6. Categories of competition:

    1. Mini Sub Junior / Sub Junior / Junior / Senior [Boys and Girls, Men and Women] - Indian, Recurve, Compound.
      1. 36 arrows x 2 rounds (regular distances)

      2. Mini Sub Junior / Sub Junior / Junior / Senior [Boys and Girls, Men and Women] - Indian and Western Intuitive - 36 arrows x 1 round (6 mtrs / 12 mtrs)

      3. Mini Sub Junior / Sub Junior / Junior / Senior [Boys and Girls, Men and Women] - TAAT Recurve and Compound - 36 arrows x 1 round (18 mtrs)

  7. All Archers to use Red uniform (including) districts. Please contact Mr. Dinesh at 091506 27135 for placing orders. (NOTE: New orders will be accepted only till 25th September 2015.)

  8. Certificates to be provided to Archers in regular category (i.e, Indian, Recurve and Compound).

  9. ONLY Medals for TAAT and Intuitive events.

  10. Archers to arrange their own accommodation / transport arrangements. However guidance / suggestion will be provided if requested.

  11. A Photo session will be held for each team / district just before the inaugural and valedictory function. Absent Archers (team/district) will not be considered for next year's meet.

  12. Two full day's event all Archers registering to be prepared and to be present till the end (no excuses will be entertained).

  13. Breakfast / Lunch / Tea on both days will be provided free of cost to the Archers.

  14. Tea and Snacks stall to be installed in the venue.

  15. The schedule of events will soon be posted on the website.


  17. For further details please contact:
    Mr. Manian at 098410 26454.
    Mr. Kuldeep at 097910 42173.
    Mr. Selva at 097909 51652.

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