The Archery Association of Tamil Nadu (TAAT)




"The official state body of Tamil Nadu Archery!"

Only State Archery body recognized by and affiliated to:

Tamil Nadu Olympic Association (TNOA) and Archery Association of India (AAI)
(TNOA is the only body recognized by Indian Olympic Association (IOA) and
AAI is the only body recognized by World Archery (WA))

Trials for Senior Nationals

Senior Archery National Trials to select Tamil Nadu team on 17th September 2021



The following archers have been provisionally selected to participate in the trials to select the Tamilnadu team to represent in the 40th NTPC Senior Nationals in Jharkand subject to the following conditions:

* The declaration form is signed and given with true information.

* TAAT subscription is current.

* Selected Archers undertake to attend the coaching camp.

* Able to shoot at the prescribed distances ( Recurve-70 mts; Compound-50 mts; Indian-50 mts; )

* Agree to abide by all rules and regulations of the TAAT organising committee.

* You must attend the zoom meeting on 16th September where rules of the game will be explained by the chief judge. Attendance is compulsory.

A) There will be a zoom meeting on Thursday, 16th Sept, 2021 at 3pm to brief you all about the rules and regulations. If you do not attend the meeting, your name will be taken off and you will not be allowed to participate in the trials.

B) Only Archers will be allowed into the campus. Nobody else can accompany them. ID cards will be given on arrival. You must wear your ID cards at all times.

C) Only Recognised Coaches registered with TAAT ( with SAI / AAI / TAAT certification ) with ID cards will be allowed in the campus. No other coaches will be allowed.

D) The selection trials will be held in the most professional, impartial and transparent manner. Any malpractice by anyone will be dealt with very seriously resulting in a ban from all competitions for 3 years.

All Archers are encouraged to be alert and complain to the judges of any malpractice by anyone. Every complaint will be taken seriously. Archers may carry mobile phones and take it out only to record as proof, any suspicious malpractice.

E) Results will be announced immediately after the competitions. Top 6 will be selected for the camp with 2 Archers as standby. Final 4 will represent the State.

F) The following documents must be brought by all Archers with you.

  1. proof of double vaccination or an RTPCR report taken 72 hours before event.
  2. copy of request mail you sent for trials with date and time stamp on it.
  3. copy of Aadhar card / any other valid proof of residence.
  4. declaration form with your passport size photo fixed on it.
  5. copy of Transaction details of Annual Subscription fees paid.

G) Please contact the help desk for any corrections in name or spellings etc.

H) All Archers and Coaches must wear TAAT prescribed uniform ( black, red or white ). No one with civil dress will be allowed in the campus.

I) No cars or two wheelers will be allowed into the campus. Please get dropped and picked up by cab. Cars or vehicles parked outside the campus will be towed away by the police.

J) Schedule: 7am onwards : Recurve 70x2 and Indian round 50mts only - Men and Women. ( compound shooters not allowed )
1pm onwards : Compound 50x2 - Men and Women ( other Archers not allowed )

H) Social distancing and wearing of masks at all times other than shooting is compulsory.

40th Senior National Trials Entries

40th Senior National Trials

Open trials for Senior Nationals - ( Jharkand - 1st to 10th October 2021 )

  1. Open to all Archers registered in TAAT from anywhere in Tamil Nadu. No age restrictions.
  2. Date: 17th Sept 2021
  3. Time: 7am to 12noon ( Recurve & Indian - Men / Women )
    2pm to 5pm ( Compound - Men / Women )
  4. Send your entries only by email to With the following details:


    1. Name :
    2. Name of father / mother :
    3. Date of birth : and age
    4. Address :
    5. District :
    6. Name of coach :
    7. Mobile no of coach :
    8. Name of archery club :
    9. Mobile no :
    10. WhatsApp no :
    11. Email :
    12. Bow Category : Recurve / Compound / Indian round
    13. Average scores out of 720 :
    14. Your registration valid till :

    Entries not sent by email will not be accepted.

    Applications with insufficient details will not be considered.

  5. Deadline for entries:
    5pm 14th Sept 2021.
    (No extension with fine allowed. Extensions Cancelled.)
  6. All Archers must have paid their annual TAAT subscription with current validity. You must carry TAAT ID with validity when you report. Applicants who have not renewed your annual subscription will not be considered.
  7. Please report in TAAT uniform ( any colour ).
  8. There are no fees to participate in the trials. Please make you own arrangements for boarding and lodging.
  9. Participants must follow all rules of AAI and TAAT. Archers who have participated in any events not recognised by AAI / TAAT will not be allowed to participate.
  10. All Archers participating must give a signed declaration that they have not participated in any events not recognised by AAI and TAAT. The form is available on TAAT WhatsApp groups and the TAAT website. You must fill it, sign it and hand it over when you report for the trials. You may request the form in official email if you have any difficulty.
  11. 6 Archers will be selected for the coaching camp. Final team will be decided only after the coaching camp.
  12. If any Archer is found to give any false declaration, they will be removed from the list even if they have been selected. They will not be allowed to participate in the nationals.
  13. There will be a training / coaching camp for all selected Archers from 20th Sept to 26th Sept 2021. Archers must make their own lodging and boarding arrangements for attending the coaching camp. If any Archer fails to report for the coaching camp, the Archer with the next higher score will be selected.
  14. Punctuality, discipline and focus in the shooting schedule will be of priority for the candidates to make it to the final team.
  15. Archers from Police / Army / Paramilitary etc., will not be allowed to participate. They will participate in the Senior Nationals thru their own selections thru their own units.
  16. If you have any queries, you may contact Mr. Dinesh, chairman ( tournaments and selections commitee ) only on WhatsApp ph: +91 91506 27135 ( no calls please ).
  17. IMPORTANT: There are no parking facilities in the venue or outside. Please come in cabs or get dropped and picked up by your drivers. Cars parked outside will be towed away by police.


Shihan Hussaini
General Secretary
The Archery Association of Tamilnadu (TAAT)

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