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Archery Equipment
There are various kinds of Archery equipment available in the market. To make sure that there is some quality, standard and uniformity in the equipment that the Archer uses, TAAT will study various products available in the market, through the Equipment and Products Committee (EPC) and will select products and will recommend the dealers from whom this product has to be bought. The products will be reviewed once in 5 years.

Archers will have to buy only these products, to be able to compete in tournaments conducted at the district and state level.

Rationale for standardization of equipment used
  • To have a level playing field for all Archers as performance is based on the products.
  • To make sure that substandard equipment is not used and in the same way, sophisticated equipment is not used, rendering others out of competition.
  • To make sure that archers do not pay exorbitant sums to unscrupulous equipment dealers and coaches for inferior equipment purchased.
  • To have standard and uniform equipment for all Archers in Club, District and State tournaments.
  • For National and International tournaments, the Archers can get equipment of their choice and brand which is approved by the AAI and WA (formerly FITA).
Any dealer of Archery equipment who is duly registered with TAAT's Tamil Nadu Archery Weapons Registry (TAWR) can apply to the EPC for selection of their procucts.

The equipment will be studied by the EPC, recommendations will be made to the executive committee of TAAT and the EPC's decision will be final. Once a procuct is selected, it will be the standard equipment for 5 years.

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