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"The official state body of Tamil Nadu Archery!"

Only State Archery body recognized by and affiliated to:

Tamil Nadu Olympic Association (TNOA) and Archery Association of India (AAI)
(TNOA is the only body recognized by Indian Olympic Association (IOA) and
AAI is the only body recognized by World Archery (WA))


(Issued in the benefit of Archers and Parents)


CBSE Archery South Zone competitions - by Pupil Saveetha Eco School. Tiruverkadu, Chennai


Dear Principal, Physical Director, Archery Coaches, Managers and Archers,


This mail/message is sent to you in the interest of fair play and without malice to anyone.

This is in the interests of the poor Archers participating in the above mentioned archery south zone competitions conducted by The Pupil Saveetha Eco School in Tiruverkadu, Chennai.

We are the only archery association in Tamilnadu ( The Archery Association of Tamilnadu - TAAT ) recognised by TNOA ( Tamilnadu Olympic Association ) and AAI - (Archery Association of India).

We conduct state archery meets annually with well trained judges, scorers and technical officials. The judges committee is chaired by a continental judge from World Archery.

Anywhere in India, when a school hosts a CBSE national or a zonal, the official archery state body is contacted and requested to conduct the tournament to ensure professionalism and FairPlay.

But unfortunately, the Pupil Saveetha Eco School which is hosting the Archery south zone competitions were misled by some local, unrecognized coach with no experience or qualification in conducting a championship that they can do this competition without the assistance of the state body. We wrote to the school expressing serious concern abt the chaos that could result and were called for a meeting on 15th October ( just two days before the teams from all over are to arrive ).

Our official who visited found that no proper arrangements have been made to conduct a championship with over 1200 competitors coming from various southern states.

There was no proper ground, the school had only 10 Buttresses, target faces had not arrived, there were no trained scorers, no qualified judges, no official with any qualification or experience to conduct an archery competitions. No one who even knows the rules.

An Archery championship with 1200 competitors in 3 different categories needs 82 buttresses and a large team of professional officials.

To conduct this event with the total lack of men, material and infrastructure will only result in utter chaos, malpractice and unethical compromises.

We requested the school to change the venue so that we may assist them. There was nil response.

This mail is to WARN all participants, coaches, managers, school representatives, physical directors and principals to exercise diligent caution in participating in this event with the total lack of qualified people in organizing it. please look out for contravention of rules, lack of knowledge of rules, unqualified officials pretending to be qualified, total chaos and lack of FairPlay.

The Archery Association of Tamilnadu - TAAT is not backing and authenticating this event. Participants must take part of their own free will and risk.

It looks like that school has been taken for a ride by imposters.

We advise all CBSE schools who organise any sporting event in future to contact the respective state olympic association to guide them to the right official state sports federations and their technical expertise in the conduct of prestigious competitions.

The Archery Association of Tamilnadu - TAAT will cooperate for free with any school who wish to organize any archery events in future.


(Issued in the benefit of Archers and Parents)

The Archery competition above is not an approved or official competition recognized by The Archery Association of Tamilnadu (TAAT), Archery Association of India (AAI) or the Tamilnadu Olympic Association (TNOA). SDAT has informed us that they are not organizing it. The emblem of the Tamilnadu govt has also been used with out the govt's sanction. Certificates issued in this tournament or medals given will not carry any value in college or job quotas.

Official Archers of The Archery Association of Tamilnadu (TAAT) and Archery Association of India (AAI) are advised NOT to participate in this tournament as participation will result in suspension or dismissal and you will not be allowed to participate in TAAT as well as AAI's official events.


Unauthorized championship . TAAT archers advised not to participate in such tournaments .


Please share this to reach max no of people so that innocent public are not cheated.


- Shihan Hussaini
Founder and General Secretary - The Archery Association of Tamil Nadu (TAAT)
Joint Secretary - Archery Association of India (AAI)
Ph: 98416-18386

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