The Archery Association of Tamil Nadu (TAAT)


MISSION: Project AMMA (All-out Medal Mission in Archery)



"The official state body of Tamil Nadu Archery!"


  • To promote the principles, art, science, sport and philosophies of traditional and modern Archery in every nook and corner of Tamil Nadu.
  • To conduct regular annual state tournaments in Archery and maintain the scoring records of all archers in the state.
  • To identify, train, support and promote the best archers in Tamil Nadu state and send them for competitions, rankings and tournaments in India and abroad on behalf of Tamil Nadu and India and make them win.
  • To ensure fairplay in the game and to sort out, arbitrate, mediate, adjudicate and decide on disputes if any in the state of Tamil Nadu.
  • To effectively be the official voice of Archery in the state and represent the interests of Archery and archers of Tamil Nadu to the national federations, sports bodies, state government and the media.
  • To systematize and legally take appropriate steps to control Archery so that Archery and the equipment is not used by reckless individuals for crime, breaking the law and order as well as any other purpose other than safe sports.
  • To have a state registry of all archers, clubs, academies, associations and other institutions having Archery equipment, shops and dealers selling Archery equipment and to ensure that the law and order machinery is intimated if anyone sells, deals, buys, carries or uses unregistered, unauthorized Archery equipment anywhere in the state.
  • Streamlining the safe sale, purchase, storing and carrying of Archery equipment and registering all Bows in the state, issuing permits for it, updating the registry and making it available to law enforcement authorities on instructions.

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